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Up to 60% off hotels

An ultimate getaway isn't complete without the perfect hotel. We have hotels that will fit all budgets and preferences, plus you'll score up to 60% off. That means, you can take more weekend trips with your friends and explore more cities.

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Hotels in the US can be affordable if you know where to look. It doesn’t matter if you’re flying to New York, Orlando or Las Vegas, we’ve got deals across the entire country. Search our cheap domestic hotels and see for yourself.

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We have more than 200k hotels on our site in locations worldwide. Whether it’s a staycation nearby, hostels for backpacking through Europe trip, or luxe beds at cheap af prices in Thailand - we’ve got the place for you at the price for you.

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Did you leave your hotel planning to the last second? Don’t sweat it, we like to play it by ear sometimes too. From last-minute spring break hotels to spontaneous getaways, you're in the right place for last-minute hotel deals. Even if you’re sitting in the airport or already on the way to your destination, we've got plenty of discount hotels to choose from.

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Well, most of our properties offer free cancellation, meaning you can book your trip now and then completely change your itinerary later. Our member-only rates are competitive and consistently cheaper than other sites, not to mention available to everyone regardless of age or student-status. One more thing: we often run hotel sales around times students like to travel – that way you can get your stay for even less.