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A student budget doesn’t have to prevent you from living large and traveling the world. Student discounts on flights exist – and we’ve got plenty of them for you! We also have discounts available for young adults, and our promo codes can be used by everyone (just make sure you sign in on our site). At StudentUniverse, we work directly with airlines every day to find you the cheapest student flights and provide unbeatable deals. Whether you’re searching for one-way or roundtrip tickets for domestic or international flights, we’ve got the discounts to get you there. Cheap student travel is the best kind of travel. Trust us, we get it.

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Why book with StudentUniverse, besides the fact that it’s cheaper? Oh, let us tell you…

Exclusive Discounts
Our discount flights are made available specifically to students and youth (under 26)

Free Membership
Signing up as a member is fast and free (our two favorite things)

Double up on savings
Yup, our prices can go even lower with applicable promo codes.

Over 90 Major Airlines
You can travel on some of the largest and most respected airlines in the world—all at a discount only available at StudentUniverse.

Exclusive Luggage Pricing
Some airlines even offer exclusive luggage pricing for students using StudentUniverse. AKA: free checked bags. Good luck finding that anywhere else!

What sort of seating would you like?
Basic economy, economy, premium economy or first class—we offer discounts on it all depending on the destination.

Convenient Search Filters
You can set preferred departure and arrival times on whichever airline you wish to fly with. For even better pricing, try our flexible search dates to see all the options.

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Spring Break, Study Abroad, one-way or round trip

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