Spring Break 2024: Flight & Hotel Deals

The Best Destinations for Spring Break 2024

Whether you're new to the highly-anticipated adventures that happen around March each year or you've partied with the best of them like a true spring break veteran, we've got the inside scoop on spring break flight and hotel deals, top spring break destinations and tons of recommendations.


Skip straight to summer with a spring break trip to the beach.



All-day sunshine, all-night nightlife: Cancun knows how to make spring break awesome.



Hop over to Florida for miles of beaches, plenty of food and tons of entertainment!


Puerto Rico

Unforgettable culture + some of the best beaches around = automatic win.


If you're ready for an adventure, why not head to a National Park?



Embrace Denver's city vibes or escape to the mountains for hiking or skiing.

los angeles

Los Angeles

Soak up Cali vibes with a road trip to Yosemite, Joshua Tree or Sequoia National Park.



Head north to the Grand Canyon, Zion, another national park for stunning views day in, day out.

North America

Staycation, road trip, or cross-country adventure? Sky's the limit.



Relax and be a kid again with a magical trip to Walt Disney World.

san francisco

San Francisco

Check the Golden Gate off your bucket list while enjoying one of the most famous cities in the world.

new york

New York

Hit up the Big Apple itself or use NYC as your touch point for the scenic outdoors of the Northeast.


Get really far away this spring break and experience something totally new.



Big Ben, the London Eye, Buckingham Palace: hop across the Pond and do it all.



Romantic trip with your partner or girls Emily trip: tough choice, but a good one to have to make.



Fill your heart (and stomach) on pizza, pasta, and gelato instead of that school food.

Spring Break Dates

Not sure when your spring break is? We double-checked it for ya.

March 2nd - 10th

  • Boston College
  • Northeastern
  • University of Michigan
  • Univ. of Arizona

March 9th - 17th

  • Ohio State
  • Univ. of Massachusetts, Boston
  • Texas A&M
  • New York University
  • Yale Univ.

March 16th - 24th

  • Northwestern
  • Clemson Univ.
  • Univ. of Colorado - Denver
  • Univ. of Illinois — Chicago

March 23rd - 31st

  • Kent State Univ.
  • Univ. of Missouri - Kansas City
  • UC Berkeley
  • Drexel Univ.

Spring Break Inspo

New semester, new adventures. Where to next? We've got a lot of ideas.

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