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Cheap Hotels for Students

So you scored big and saved money on your flight by booking with StudentUniverse. Why stop there? If you’re traveling somewhere new, odds are you’re going to need a place to stay. Luckily for you, we’ve got discounts on hotels, too—you can get up to 30% off when you book a place to stay with us and keep the savings going.

When choosing a hotel, it’s important to know what you’re looking for. Try filtering by star rating—you’re probably pretty familiar with it already, but here’s the basics of what the rankings mean:

  • 1-Star Hotels: One-star hotels are great budget stays—usually older places with basic facilities and furniture. They’re often located near public transport links or airports, not always right in the heart of the city. But they can be a great option especially if you just have a quick stopover, since they’re usually quite cheap and close to transportation options.
  • 2-Star Hotels: Typically these are good value economy hotels that are clean with just the basics. Still great for backpackers, large groups or a good value solution for a business traveler. These hotels are often located near a city’s major attractions, airport and public transport.
  • 3-Star Hotels: Generally more comfortable than one- and two-star hotels, these are more stylish and often part of larger hotel chains. They’ll offer a wider range of services and amenities, such as a pool, fitness center, business services, restaurant(s), room service and more. You’ll have to pay a bit more, but budget travelers can still find great deals on three-star hotels with our youth discounts.
  • 4-Star Hotels: Now we’re getting fancy! These are typically large, upscale hotels. You’ll find top-of-the-line services and amenities, as well as lush rooms and premium accommodation. You can expect to have concierge service, fine dining, pools and hot tubs, fitness centers, room service, spas and more.
  • 5-Star Hotels: Obviously, these are the most luxurious hotels! They cater to a lavish lifestyle and provide exceptional service and amenities. Many of these hotels offer gourmet restaurants, top-of-the-line fitness centers, pools and hot tubs, spa services, and premium services and amenities in every room. You’ll obviously have to pay more for these hotels, but you’ll have an incredible stay!

Looking for more ways to find cheap hotels? Being flexible with the dates of your trip can help you save a lot of money! Hotels tend to be cheaper during the week rather than on weekends. You can also try looking for hostels on our website. Hostels are made with the budget traveler in mind, and you’ll save even more with our discounts. They’re especially popular if you’re traveling in Europe or Southeast Asia!

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