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StudentUniverse is the world’s leading travel booking engine for students and young adults. We offer our members exclusive deals on flights, hotels and tours through our website and mobile app, so they can explore and experience more for less.

College students alone number more than 20 million in the US today. With more than $545 billion in total spending annually and $163 billion in discretionary spending, the student and youth travel market is growing fast. And StudentUniverse is the go-to source for travel deals with one of the largest student databases available—not to mention our strong engagement rates with our followers.

College students are the ultimate influencers. They decide what's hot or not, and create and spread the latest trends on campus and beyond by texting and snapping their latest finds. We’ve built a business on targeting these savvy consumers. (In fact, we’re consistently one of the most relevant keywords for "student" on Google.) Our list is global, so you can reach US and international students from key markets for your business as well.

We work with a network of partners that target students and young adults, to help your brand reach this niche market on a large scale, and reach students across multiple channels so you can reach more students.

Through customized advertising campaigns featuring everything from dedicated emails to social media to targeted banner ads and custom videos, we help increase intent and overall awareness of your brand.

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StudentUniverse Audience Breakdown:

  • Female: 55%
  • Male: 45%
  • <17: 1%
  • 18- 20: 37%
  • 21-25: 44%
  • Universities Represented: 8,308

Advertising Opportunities:

  • Search Path Takeover

    StudentUniverse offers targeted banners within the purchase path in the following sizes:

    • 728x90
    • 336x280
    • 468x60
    • 250x250
    • 240x400
    • 234x60
    • 180x150
  • Homepage Takeovers

    One week, high impact takeover of the StudentUniverse Homepage. Lifestyle/Travel Image and Logo

  • Homepage Sponsorship

    One week sponsorship of StudentUniverse's homepage content block

  • Sponsored Promo Codes

    Pay for performance sponsorship of airline promo codes

  • Co-Branded Sweepstakes

    Run a co-branded sweepstakes on the StudentUniverse site. Partner is responsible for fulfilling prize

  • Email Suite

    • Dedicated Email
      • 100% customizable email sent to our most engaged audience
    • StudentUniverse Promoted Email
      • Sponsor a primary or secondary content block within one of our emails
  • Social Media

    Promote through our social channels through a complete takeover or sponsored individual postings

  • Sponsored Blog

    Collaborate with the StudentUniverse team to increase brand awareness and destination interest through our blog

  • Retargeting

    Engage with our users as they continue to browse the internet

  • Landing Page Sponsorship

    Sponsor a fully branded custom landing page on the StudentUniverse site. Use to promote sales, offers, or brand education

Through customized advertising campaigns utilizing everything from dedicated emails, to social media, to targeted banner ads, custom videos and everything in between, we help increase intent and overall awareness of your brand.

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