Hotels for Weekend Trips

Travel Tips for Weekend Trips

When to Book

With many of the popular cities for weekend trips being major cities, you want to make sure you plan enough in advance to find hotels with enough rooms available to score a good deal, but you can book as close as a few days before. Waiting until the same day or right before the weekend can get risky, so to be safe try to book at least two weeks in advance.

Stay on a Budget

One of the cool things about planning a quick weekend trip is that you can manage to stay in a budget since you're only spending one or two nights in a city. Also, by planning in a major city, you can find a lot of things to do within walking distance, which helps you save on cab fare or needing to drive really far. If you're planning to stay within the city, ditch the car and explore off the beaten path where you can really find the best restaurants, coolest bars and most memorable things to do. Or you can also purchase hop-on-hop-off passes in major cities that will allow you to see a lot and spend a little.