Eligibility and Joining

  1. Am I eligible to purchase from StudentUniverse?
  2. Can I purchase a ticket if I am a high school student?
  3. Do I need an ISIC/ITIC/IYTC card to purchase a ticket from you?
  4. Why do I need to have my student/faculty status verified?
  5. Have I signed up before?
  6. What school should I sign up with if I'm part of a study abroad program?
  7. Why do I need to confirm my status again?
  8. My school is not listed on the sign up form

Finding and Booking Your Flight

  1. What if I want to fly with a friend?
  2. Why can't I find an advertised student airfare?
  3. Can I earn frequent flyer miles with a StudentUniverse Student /Youth ticket?
  4. How do I buy student flights for someone else?
  5. Can I use someone else's credit card to purchase student flights?
  6. Can I buy a ticket for travel that originates outside the US or Canada?
  7. Can I use a non-US or Canadian credit or debit card?
  8. Can I fly into one city and return from another?
  9. Do you have better flight specials available by phone?
  10. Can I book a stopover?
  11. What is flexibility searching?
  12. What is a promo code?
  13. Do you offer a price guarantee for flights?
  14. What if my traveling companion is not a student?
  15. Are the prices I see on your site in U.S. Dollars?
  16. What is a special phone fare?
  17. Why can I not see the details of all flights?

Changing, Canceling and Other Stuff

  1. How do I change or cancel my ticket?
  2. How do I book seat assignments and meal requests?
  3. What is the phone number for the airline?
  4. How do I get a receipt for my flight?
  5. What if I'm sick and cannot fly as scheduled?
  6. Where can I find my confirmation code?
  7. Which reservation code should be used to check my ticket on the airline’s website?
  8. What if I received an email that my flight itinerary changed?
  9. Do you offer group travel discounts?
  10. Need another copy of your flight itinerary?
  11. What if I'm having technical difficulties?
  12. What do you do to ensure privacy on your site?
  13. What is the default currency?

Hotels and Hostels

  1. What is a Hostel?
  2. Do I need to be a student to book a hotel or hostel with StudentUniverse?
  3. Do hotels have minimum age requirements?
  4. Do the prices include taxes?
  5. Can I book by phone?
  6. Can I make a booking without a credit/debit card?
  7. My credit card number is correct, but it is not being accepted?
  8. What is a deposit?
  9. Is there a hotel shuttle service to/from the airport?
  10. Is parking available? Free parking? Long-term parking?
  11. Is breakfast included?
  12. How can I cancel my booking?
  13. If I cancel my booking, when will I get the money back?
  14. How can I change my dates or something else about my hotel/hostel reservation?
  15. Will I get the direct contact information for my hotel/hostel?
  16. What if I'm experiencing technical difficulties while trying to book a place to stay?
  17. Can you resend my booking confirmation email?
  18. What if I get sick or my travel plans change unexpectedly?


  1. How are there such competitive prices?
  2. Do tours include airfare?
  3. How many people can join a tour?
  4. Who are my traveling companions?
  5. What are the age restrictions on the tours?
  6. Do I need to be a student to book a tour?
  7. What does the option "My Own Room" mean?
  8. Can I book extra nights of hotel accommodation before or after my tour?
  9. Can you provide me with a list of the hotels we will be staying at?
  10. Can I join a tour late or leave it early?
  11. Are airport transfers included?
  12. What type of ground transportation is used on tours?
  13. What is the most appropriate type of luggage to bring?
  14. Can you help arrange my travel visas?
  15. What vaccinations are recommended for this adventure?
  16. If I cancel my tour, what will happen to my deposit?

Student Deals

  1. Do I need to be a student to get these deals?
  2. How do I sign up?
  3. How do I earn cash back?
  4. Do I actually get cash back?
  5. Why is my balance pending?
  6. How do I ensure I am going to get cash back?
  7. Can I get cash back on any credit or debit card?
  8. What happens if I return my purchase?
  9. What's up? I did everything right, but still didn't get my cash back.
  10. Why do I need to log in to see this deal?
  11. I made a mistake whilst requesting my cashback.

Helpful Travel Information

  1. Do I need a passport if I'm traveling outside my country?
  2. How early should I arrive for my flight?
  3. I have questions about baggage. How much can I bring?

Other Things We Offer

  1. Do you offer car rentals?
  2. Do you offer a travel insurance plan?
  3. What does the travel insurance plan cover?
  4. Do you have package deals?