When the queen Taylor Swift drops a new album, we all must listen. And what better way to listen to your new favorite song than to travel somewhere fitting.

Lavender field in France during sunset with mountains in the background.

Lavender Haze

Please forgive this somewhat basic choice, but it’s basic because it’s a classic! The lavender fields of Valensole, France offer plenty of the light purple shade, along with sweet smells and wide open space for you to sing your heart out about the lavender haze that’s creeping up on you. To get to Valensole, fly into Paris and then take one of the high speed rails to the south of France. Besides the fields, you can check out the Mediterranean coast, or head over to Marseille, Nice, or Cannes for all they have to offer!

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Aerial view of busy New York City street at night.


If you are a “Maroon” lover, I can almost guarantee you self-identify as a city person. You enjoy the hustle and bustle and the fact that it feels like the world around you never goes to sleep. To make the most of these feelings, listen in New York City. You could be in a late night club dancing with your partner or sitting by the window of your highrise hotel looking down at all the little people below you. Either way, NYC will offer you the perfect vibes for drinking cheap-ass screw-top rosé.

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Woman drinking cup of tea with London, England skyline behind her.


Okay, maybe it’s not the best sign of mental wellbeing that this song is so relatable. But when you can’t do much to change that, you might as well enjoy traveling to pretty places. If you’re going to be feeling like everyone agrees that you are the problem during teatime, you might as well be drinking that tea in London. That way you’re sipping tea, sharing tea and taking in an exciting city.

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Finland oceanside frozen and snowy in winter.

Snow on the Beach

What better place to reflect on mutually falling in love than a literal beach that gets snowy. Yyteri Beach, Finland is located on the Gulf of Bothnia on the Finnish west coast. Over 6km long, you should have no issue finding a perfect spot for you to listen even if you opt for a sunny visit versus a snowy one. If you do pick the snowy weather, the beach dunes make perfect sledding spots!

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Man in blanket sitting on cabin porch in the rainy woods.

You’re On Your Own, Kid

If this is truly your favorite song on the album, I wish you well. That being said, your best bet for a travel trip based on YOYOK is to a nice quiet and cozy cabin, perhaps somewhere in Pennsylvania (Taylor’s birth state, duh!). Go with your swiftie besties or spend the time alone. The quiet cabin will be a perfect place to reflect and also would be a great place to cry alone to all the track 5s honestly.

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Rainbow Falls in Hilo, Hawaii on the Big Island.

Midnight Rain

While there are other cities that people think are the rainiest (**cough cough** Seattle), those cities aren’t even close to rainiest. At the top of the rain list in the US is Hilo, Hawaii, the biggest city of the islands, which gets more than 120 inches of rainfall a year. You can trip here to sing along to Taylor in a late night rainstorm, and then stick around for some sun and warm weather, surfing, beaching and volcanoes.

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Streets of San Francisco


The real beauty of “Question…?” is that it really lets you feel like you’re having a one-on-one conversation with Taylor. She’s just trying to find out if you can also relate to her relationship lamenting. To honestly enjoy the feeling of your personal conversation with her, grab your best pair of headphones, and stroll the streets of San Francisco. During the day you can get your pictures of the Golden Gate bridge, maybe take a trip to Alcatraz. During the nighttime, check out some clubs and parties and maybe you’ll find yourself kissing in a crowded room – genuinely relating to the questions that Taylor is asking.

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Aerial view of the Las Vegas strip

Vigilante Shit

If you’re in your Vigilante Shit era, what you need right now is a town to tear up. Be your best bad self, get out all your anger for whoever it is that wronged you (legally of course), and live it up. Las Vegas will let you keep the fun, or the anger management, lasting until the morning and then some. While you’re there, maybe you can try an axe throwing place to let out that pain, frustration, and anger?

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Neuschwanstein Castle on a hill in the Bavarian landscape with lake in background.


Are you still reeling from that music video too!? A nice trip to Germany might help! Check out Castle Neuschwanstein, the inspiration castle for Cinderella’s castle in Disney. While there you can use your imagination to feel what it would be like to be music sensation Taylor Swift, or House Wench turned Castle owner Taylor. You can also be certain to take in a gorgeous castle on a hill and the gorgeous sounds of knowing your own self worth.

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Streets of Santorini Island in Greece.


You’ve likely dealt with heartbreak if this is the song that resonates most with you. But you aren’t stuck in that sadness and you’re ready to dive back into the dating scene and experience love again. Why not do that in the labyrinthine streets of Santorini, Greece. While there you can take in the beauty of the island, eat the amazing local food, maybe sip some wine in a winery. It’s truly a great place to get lost by yourself or to fall in love again.

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Tokyo skyline with Mt Fuji in the background


Karma always comes back to bite you. But that also means good karma will come too. This is your favorite song because you know that you’re due for some good in this world and you love that Taylor’s getting her good now. Enjoy those feelings of putting good into the universe and getting good back while you wander through Tokyo. Explore the history of the city and also experience all the exciting new innovations of it too. While you’re there you can even find your own cat to purr in your lap in a cat cafe!

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Ruins of The Black Castle and a view of the Wicklow sea in Ireland.

Sweet Nothing

Such a sweet and calming song, “Sweet Nothing” can’t help but leave you comforted and optimistic. With the line “Does it ever miss Wicklow sometimes?” it was a no-brainer where diehards for this song need to visit. Smaller town Wicklow, just south of Dublin, offers pretty coastal views on the Irish Sea. You might check out Glen Beach cliff walk for those views or visit the Wicklow Gaol for a more touristy experience. Perhaps you might also hunt down some of the locations where Joe Alwyn’s Conversation with Friends was shot in 2021.

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Aerial shot of a cruise ship sailing in the ocean.


This is the song for the hopeful (not hopeless) romantics. The ones who know they can manifest their future. While you’re dreaming up your future partner, or enjoying the company of the one you’ve already masterminded, you should also be sitting in the sunshine, enjoying a warm ocean breeze, and relaxing on a cruise in the Caribbean. As Taylor says “I’m the wind in our free flowing sails and the liquor in our cocktails,” so why not experience that feeling irl!

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