So, you’re thinking about studying abroad? You’re in the right place! One of the most daunting things about studying abroad is simply sorting through all the options of amazing programs and places you could study and finding one that will be great for you. While popularity doesn’t say it all, there are some places that are popular because they make amazing study abroad destinations. 

If you’re struggling to decide, consider one of these popular places to study abroad. We present to you (in no particular order) our top 10 most popular destinations for studying abroad. 

The UK

study abroad london

The UK is one of our all-time most popular study abroad destinations for students. With English as the primary language, hundreds of thousands of international students from all over the world studying here and a plethora of amazing universities, museums and culture all packed into a central location, it’s no wonder that the UK is an amazing study abroad destination. Although London is the most popular city to study in, Cambridge, Oxford and Edinburgh are also great choices. If you’re feeling nervous about studying abroad but really want to do it, go to the UK!


study abroad italy

Italy is nearly as popular as the UK in terms of study abroad destinations. While you might find yourself learning a whole new language, you’ll also find yourself surrounded by some of the most beautiful art and culture in the whole world. Plus, you’ll have several weeks—or months—to stuff yourself full of pasta and gelato. What could be better than that? Study fashion in Milan, art history in Florence or history and literature in Rome. Italy also has an extensive (and inexpensive) train system, so it’s the ideal place for tons of weekend trips.  


study abroad spain

From Madrid to Barcelona to Seville and beyond, Spain has tons of the top study abroad cities. It’s easy to see why Spain is such a great place for students! There’s great universities, an amazing culture with plenty of history, fun festivals, delicious food, energetic nightlife: Spain boasts an incredible combo of just about everything you could want. Most schools also offer at least one (usually several!) study abroad programs in Spain. It’s a great place for almost anyone to check some credits off their to-do list. 


study abroad in paris

Paris is a dream destination for almost everyone, so it’s no surprise that it’s one of the most popular places to study abroad too. Whether you want to work on your French, study art or just spend some time living in one of the (arguably) most beautiful and famous cities on the planet, Paris is a great place to be. There’s plenty of travelers, expats and students in the city, so you’ll have lots of opportunities to meet other students and travelers too (which can help ward off any homesickness). 

Costa Rica

costa rica adventure

Need a dash of adventure alongside all that studying? Costa Rica is quickly becoming one of the top study abroad destinations for US students, in part because of all the epic adventures available here! From surfing and hiking, horseback riding to ziplining, whitewater rafting to waterfall rappelling, Costa Rica pretty much has it all. As a result, it’s an especially great place to study abroad if you’re interested in ecology, conservation or anything science-related.


great wall of china

China boasts a lot in terms of studying abroad: world-class universities, modern cities, an amazing culture and history and friendly locals. In many of the bigger cities, like Beijing and Shanghai, you’ll find plenty of international students and expats. This way, you won’t feel alone even if you’re studying abroad there by yourself. While the language and the food may be totally new to you, the warm Chinese culture will have you feeling at home in no time! Plus, you’ll be able to take back experiences that you can’t have anywhere else.


study abroad europe

From Berlin to Munich, Germany has dozens of popular places to study abroad. Plenty of castles? Check. Bratwurst and beer? Check. Plenty of universities and study abroad programs for just about any major? Check. Even more, many schools have study abroad programs in Germany. You can study everything from art to architecture to business, sustainability, languages and more. Not only is Germany an awesome place to visit and live, filled with vibrant and hip cities, it’s also one of the hubs of European intellectual history, meaning it’s full of world-class universities. Even better, they love welcoming international students! Not convinced? We’ve got a few reasons to visit Berlin that’ll have you reaching for your passport in no time. 


study abroad australia

Who wouldn’t love to study abroad in Australia? With endless miles of beaches, some of the chillest vibes in the world, international cities filled with people from all over the world and lots of opportunities for adventure, it’s a great place to spend a semester. Australians have a pretty good sense of work-life balance, too. Expect your studies to be peppered in with a healthy dose of beach days and nights on the town!


popular places to study abroad

For anyone who wants a true cultural immersion in something new, Japan is one of the best study abroad destinations! There’s lots of study abroad programs in Japan. Plus, you’ll find many friendly and warm locals wherever you go. Sure, Europe may have a lot of history and culture, but so does Japan. And it’ll be totally different from anything you’ve experienced back home. Why not spend a few weeks or a whole semester on the other side of the world? The lessons you’ll learn while living in an exciting city, immersing yourself in Japanese culture, eating delicious food and exploring a totally new place will stick with your for a lifetime. 


visit dublin

Another English-speaking destination, Ireland makes the list for top study abroad destinations. For example, it’s hospitable culture, lively cities and constant craic (i.e. entertainment and fun) make Ireland an amazing place to study. And yes, there’s also the pubs to consider. Plus, many study abroad programs in Ireland offer a huge variety of courses. You can choose classes for almost any subject you need. Plus, Ireland is closer to the US than many other options. As a result, that, combined with the friendly locals, makes Ireland a great option if you’re worried at all about homesickness. 

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