The 9 Cheapest Destinations to Fly to in 2024

With summer 2024 already here, if you haven’t been traveling lately, your wanderlust is probably through the roof (as ours is basically always). Whether you’re itching to go somewhere ASAP or just planning ahead for getting back home from school or even away for the holidays, there’s a lot to see and do now. Even better: there’s a lot of cheap destinations to visit in 2024, near and far. The easiest way to find the cheapest places to travel is to be open to new destinations—and these 9 destinations are among the cheapest places to fly right now.

We searched high and low through our databases to find the cheapest places to travel right now so you wouldn’t have to. Here’s 9 cheap destinations for 2024 to book your flights to now!

Which of these is on your bucket list for 2024? 

1. Chicago 

Cloud Gate (also known by The Bean) in Chicago - one of 2024's cheapest destinations.

Although there’s enough here to keep you busy exploring for years, Chicago is the perfect destination for a long weekend. It’s a very walkable downtown city and has plenty to do for every kind of traveler. Head to a few museums, like the iconic Art Institute of Chicago or perhaps the more obscure Museum of Surgical Science (free on Tuesdays!). On a budget? There’s plenty of free things to do in Chicago as well! Enjoy a walk or bike ride along the Chicago River. And don’t forget to snap a good selfie with the Chicago Bean! From New York, flights start at just $95* roundtrip, so it’s definitely one of the cheapest destinations for 2024!

Flights to Chicago from $31* one-way or $65* roundtrip

2. Las Vegas

Aerial view of the cityscape of Las Vegas in Nevada at night.

When you think Vegas, you probably don’t think cheap destination. Of course, it can be easy to go overboard on spending. I mean there are just so be activities and fancy buffets and of course the casinos too. But don’t let that first impression fool you into thinking that this can’t be the perfect cheap destination. Vegas is a perfect place for enjoying the warm weather (especially as we’re heading into cold, winter months). Plus, it’s honestly one of those places that you can be entertained just from walking around. But the number 1 reason that Las Vegas is a cheap destination for students is the hotel deals you can get there. We’re talking about those same hotels along the strip that can get pricey, but for less than $30 a night.

Flights to Las Vegas from $30* one-way or $38* roundtrip

3. Costa Rica

Aerial view of a beach in Costa Rica with the jungle behind the sandy beach. Costa Rica is a popular place to travel to and is one of the cheapest destinations for 2024.

We’re predicting it right now: Costa Rica is the “It Girl” of travel destinations for 2024. And it makes sense why everyone’s rushing to travel there. The country is home to some pretty awesome experiences. Hike along a volcano one day, zip line through the jungle another, relax on the beach. every night. Plus, it’s a relatively short flight from the US (about 3 hours from the southern part of the US, closer to 7 hours from the farther corners like Boston). And if all that wasn’t reason enough why you need to get excited about Costa Rica, it’s also a super affordable destination! It’s a fairly cheap country to travel through as far as accommodations, food, and activities and it’s also got plenty of cheap flights there, too! And with two major airports, Liberia and San Jose, you’ve got options on prices and on what part of the country to see.

Flights to Costa Rica from $113* one-way or $250* roundtrip

4. New York City

Aerial view over Central Park and New York City. NYC is one of the cheapest destinations for 2024 to fly to.

New York is a destination that everyone should visit at least once. You’ll find a glamorous city with plenty of shows to see, art galleries to visit, parks to explore, delicious food to eat and things to do. With all the things you’ll have to do, it’s no wonder that New York is nicknamed the City that Never Sleeps (and you might not want to ever go to sleep, either!). With roundtrip flights to New York starting at just $73* right now, it’s definitely one of the best cheap places to fly to in 2024. Find the cheapest flights to New York from Miami, Atlanta, Orlando, Phoenix, Dallas, even Charlotte, Indianapolis, or Detroit!

Flights to New York from $41* one-way or roundtrip from $73* 

5. Europe

Famous Saint Peter's Square in Vatican and aerial view of the Rome city during sunny day.

Everyone knows her, everyone loves her. But does everyone know she’s not always expensive? If you’ve got dreams of heading off to new lands on new continents, NOW is the time to do it. This time of year is when you’ll be finding the cheapest flights to Europe in 2024. We’re not kidding. Flights to London are starting at $129 one-way, flights to Paris are starting at $169 one-way, and flights to Berlin are starting at $160 one-way. Thinking something roundtrip? How about a trip to see the northern lights and soak in natural hot springs. You can get to Iceland in 2024 as low as $249 roundtrip. Keep in mind that European summer will be pricey this year (there’s the Paris Olympics in July and August) so if you have a goals to see Europe in the summer this year, booking and traveling at the beginning of summer or the end is the way to go.

Flights to Europe from $129* one-way or $249* roundtrip

6. Miami 

Aerial view of the Miami strip looking at the tall hotel buildings, the beach, and the light blue ocean. Miami is one of the cheapest destinations in 2024.

Sunny beaches? Check. Beachside cafes and bars? Check. A cool downtown area? Check. One of the cheapest cities to fly to in the US? Yup. Miami has a lot to offer—a hip and trendy city and near-endless beaches means there’s something for almost everyone. Try your hand at water activities like surfing and scuba diving or hit up some of the shopping and posh hotels for a chic weekend getaway. Plus there’s trendy nightlife and art scenes and loads of outdoor festivals. Not to mention tons of good food options! Roundtrip flight deals to Miami from New York start at just $48* right now. What better place to escape for a little getaway than one of the cheapest destinations of 2024?

Flights to Miami from $29* one-way or roundtrip from $48* 

7. Japan

Japanese bridge and architecture.

Looking for an affordable international trip that’s not the classic go-to choice of anywhere in Europe? Right now we’re seeing lots of great flight deals to Japan from the US. So why not take advantage of these low fares and get to see a country that’s full of history and culture. While there, you could explore castles, UNESCO sites, hot springs, festivals. And Japan’s genuinely one of those countries that are sooo easy to get around with their rail system. You can truly see the country if you want, not just one city. Besides, we’ve already got a list of cities you should explore and a budget guide on how to see Japan for less.

Flights to Japan from $288* one-way or $690* roundtrip

8. Los Angeles 

Overlooking Los Angeles from right behind the Hollywood sign at sunset. The sky is yellows, oranges, and blues, and the clouds are purples and pinks.

From stunning beaches to the Walk of Fame and the iconic Hollywood and endless delicious restaurants and cuisines from around the world, Los Angeles packs a major punch when it comes to a vacation destination. Explore for a weekend or stay for a few weeks—you certainly won’t be bored! Luckily, flights to Los Angeles are still pretty cheap right now. Even if you’re flying cross-country, it’s one of the cheapest destinations in 2024 in the US. If you’re flying from the West Coast, find one-way flights from as little as $44* or $70* roundtrip. Or fly from New York and you can still get there and back for under $174*!

Flights to Los Angeles from $44* one-way or $70* roundtrip 

9. Orlando

Nighttime aerial view of a theme park in Orlando, Florida. Orlando is the place to travel to for theme parks like Disney, Universal, and more!

Looking to hit up any of Florida’s major theme parks? Flying into Orlando gets you easy access to Disney, Universal, Legoland, Seaworld, the list goes on! And even if you aren’t planning a theme park trip, Orlando is still a great place to explore. With an average high temperature that’s anywhere from 71-92°F depending on the month, you won’t be worried about being cold! Take an airboat ride to spot some alligators. Head to Port Canaveral for the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex and maybe you can even time your trip to see a rocket launch. And with Orlando being one of the cheapest destinations in 2024, there’s no reason not to go honestly.

Flights to Orlando from $49* one-way or $56* roundtrip

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Where is the cheapest place to fly right now?

There’s so many cheap flight destinations from the US. Of course, domestic destinations are often the cheapest. Right now, you’ll find flight deals to cities like Miami, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Orlando. Of course, if you want to travel internationally, there’s plenty of cheap flight deals for international destinations as well. Some of the cheapest countries to fly to from the US include Canada, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, the UK, and France

What are the cheapest countries to fly to from the U.S.?

If you’re on a budget, you don’t need to write off international travel. There’s plenty of countries that are easy to visit on a budget. Start with one of these cheap countries to fly to from the US: Mexico, Canada, Italy, the UK, Spain, and France.

What are the cheapest domestic destinations to travel to in the U.S.?

With domestic flights starting at as little as $37* roundtrip, there’s no reason you can’t plan a vacation, even if you’re on a ramen-noodle budget. Some of the cheapest places to go right now include Miami, New York, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Phoenix, and Las Vegas. Need more ideas on where to go? Check out our current flight deals for more of the cheapest destinations to fly right now. 

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*All prices were current at the time of writing. However, prices are subject to change, so we can’t guarantee how long these fares will last! All prices shown are for select flights between July 1, 2024 – September 30, 2024.