Imagine Your Korea

Imagine Your Korea

Korea is nicknamed "The Land of the Morning Calm," but recognized by young travel seekers as a "leader of popular culture" and a "trendy and innovative" travel destination.

Korea is full of diversity, from its delicious food selections, to its vibrant shopping districts, to its mix of sites that combine tradition with modernity. These cities are filled with endless energy and everyday life turns into something extraordinary.

Top 5 Killer Bucket List Items in Korea

  1. Noraebang (karaoke) like a pro in Seoul - although karaoke started in Japan, it quickly moved to Korea and has never left. Also called "noraebang", karaoke in Korea is quite different than in the states. Instead of singing your heart out to crowds of bar patrons, Korean karaoke is divided into private rooms. Get your windpipes ready.

  2. Take part in the guard changing ceremony at Deoksugung Palace - this has become a very popular cultural event among tourists. Occurring 3 times a day, except Monday's, tourists can actually take part in this ceremony -- truly feeling like a royal guard.

  3. Indulge in a shopping spree in Busan - Sinsegae, located in Busan, is the world's largest department store. This store is filled with designer brands, a spa and even a 60-tee golf range!

  4. Taste mouth-watering Korean barbecue - foodies and barbecue lovers will be in heaven. In Seoul, Korean barbecue restaurants sit on almost ever corner and will never leave you hungry.

  5. Go to a k-pop music show - k-pop has become world-famous for its high-energy, catchy and compelling sound. Going to a show is an absolute must on your bucket list.