Spring Break in Europe

“PARTY TIP: Your life is a movie. You’re the writer, director, and star. So you better write yourself an amazing script.” – Andrew W.K.

Europe doesn’t usually jump to anyone’s mind for spring break. It’s usually the cliche places that are about partying on the best beaches, like Florida or Mexico. But when we tell you that Europe can give you an absolutely killer spring break, with dancing and partying and some beautiful sightseeing, please believe us. Whether you’re studying abroad or going to college in the states, Europe is the perfect spring break destination.


If you’re looking for a spring break destination, we’ve come up with a list of five European spots that you can’t go wrong with. We picked places all across the continent, from Ireland to Italy. Worried about flying to Europe, or flying around Europe, on a budget? We’ve got your flights covered. Worried about not knowing what to do when you get over there? Now we’ve got you covered with some spring break ideas.

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5 Ways to Spend Spring Break in Europe

  1. Milan, Italy

    Milan during spring break has a little bit of everything to offer the wayward college student. They have great food, some of the best fashion and shopping in the world, and they have nightclubs. Lots and lots of nightclubs. Italy in general, and Milan in particular knows how to party right (they do it every night). Seems overwhelming? We have some Milan travel guides that’ll help. You’ll feel like you’re in an exotic locale by day, and when the sun goes down you can dance.

  2. Dublin, Ireland

    Quick, check and see if your spring break schedule lines up with St. Paddy’s Day. If it does, you have a choice. You can go to your usual local bars, like every year. Or, you can travel to the best St. Paddy’s celebration in the world; Dublin, Ireland. Grab a pint of Guinness in a pub older than the USA, or go clubbing in Dublin’s wild nightlife. It’ll be crowded, it’ll be chaotic, but with some travel tips for Dublin, it’ll be a spring break to remember.

  3. Amsterdam, Netherlands

    Spring break in Amsterdam is a banger. They actually throw a fest during early April, where popular EDM musicians play a bunch of shows around the city. Amsterdam at any time of the year is great, with canals and bike paths and an incredible art and culture vibe. During spring break, Amsterdam gets another layer of awesomeness and becomes a party hotspot. With boat parties, pub crawls, and a ton of other things to do in the Netherlands, there will never be a dull moment.

  4. St. Moritz, Switzerland

    Way up in the swiss alps, St. Moritz is a snow-sport paradise. It’s impossibly beautiful, with views of snow-capped peaks surrounding a twinkling skiing village. If it sounds too ritzy for your blood, cheap student flights can get you there. If you’re someone who’s reluctant to give up those winter activities like skiing, or even just sipping cocoa by a big fire, St. Moritz is the place to go for spring break. Pack a bathing suit, because there are a ton of outdoor hot tubs.

  5. A Little of Everything

    Feeling like just one place in Europe won’t be enough? We know how you feel. There’s so much to see and do, you might want to try hopping between two cities. It sounds ambitious, but it can be done. Flights in Europe between countries can be inexpensive and will allow you to start your Spring Break partying in Amsterdam and finish it skiing in the Swiss Alps.

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