Top 10 Things to Do in Argentina

This South American destination is popular with students all over the world for both study abroad and adventure tours.

This South American destination is popular with students all over the world for both study abroad and adventure tours. You might ask yourself, what is there to do in Argentina? Well, we have provided you with the top 10 things for you to do in Argentina. If we missed one, feel free to send over what you did and we would love to post about it!

There is a lot of stuff to do for adventurous students in Argentina. And the fact that Argentina is incredibly affordable makes all of the following possible on a college budget!

  1. Travel – With that being said, take advantage of the hostel deals and cool hotels in the capital city, Buenos Aires, and elsewhere. You can also grab a parka and check out the rugged scenery in Patagonia, including glaciers and deserts. Hanging out with penguins makes for some funny gap year photos for you and your friends. For sophisticated city life in the “Paris of South America,” you are going to love Buenos Aires.

  2. Buenos Aires – Buenos Aires can really be a category on its own. It’s a hotspot for tango, soccer, delicious Argentine and international cuisine, cool shopping, and hot nightlife. The world-class city is a fantastic base for your travels and full of fun activities. Its Cementario de la Recoleta is a bit morbid but it is amazing to stand before the grave of one of Argentina’s key historical figures, Eva Peron (Evita). White tigers and pygmy hippos enjoy the run of the zoo at Parque Temeken: definitely worth a trip in Buenos Aires.

  3. Water Adventures - You can probably find discount travel to go kayaking or canoeing in Patagonia. The Iguazu waterfalls must be seen to be believed: The whole area is a lush rainforest with comfortable walking, and you might see some capuchin monkeys lurking.

  4. Explore - The Mendoza region and its Cerro Aconcagua, the highest mountain in the Americas, is a huge draw for rock climbing. Mendoza province and San Juan province also have great wine tours. You can also take in some fabulous ecotourism at Reserva Provincial Esteros del Ibera. There are amazing mission ruins dating from 1610 in San Ignacio Mini, and you can see the beautiful carvings even though the buildings no longer have roofs.

  5. Waterfalls - Although Niagara and Victoria Falls may be more famous, Iguazu Falls is the world largest waterfall. Located on the border of Argentina and Brazil, Iguazu is truly one of the world's greatest natural wonders and is a sight not to be missed. Argentina is the eighth largest country in the world, so getting to Iguazu over land can be a challenge for those budget travelers with limited time. Package deals that include a few nights stay at a budget hotel are sometimes available. One-day visas are easily obtained at the Brazilian border for a minimal fee, so it is possible to visit both sides of the falls.

  6. Eat - The food is fantastic, especially if you love steak, a speciality of Argentina. Beef is a staple of Argentina and it's hard to get through a day without at least eating a little. Vegetarians may cringe, but meat-eating travelers will appreciate the excellent quality of beef available at extremely cheap prices.

  7. Dance - Tango, the dance of love, finds its origins in Argentina. Be sure to check out a milonga (tango dance party) while touring Buenos Aires. There is usually a small entrance fee but nothing that would dissuade the most frugal backpacker. Cheap refreshments are likely to be available.

  8. Sightseeing - From the Patagonian Andes to the rushing waters of Iguazu Falls, Argentina serves up a breathtaking landscape of natural beauty. In contrast with these rustic wonders, the cities of Argentina are sophisticated with a distinct European flavor.

  9. Mar del Plata - Here is your chance to swim with the seals! If the water isn’t your element, there are also grounds tours provided by the seaside resort as well as paragliding for those looking for a thrill.>

  10. Continue to be amazed by all that Argentina has to offer. Did you know that the biggest dinosaur skeleton in the world was found in Argentina? It’s true: the Argentinosaurus Huinculensis was more than 130 feet long and almost 60 feet high! So Argentina won’t let you down. Look into flight deals and student airfare opportunities.

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