10 Cities to See Before You Die

Need a new place to explore and experience? Well here are the top ten cities you have to see during your lifetime.

Got the travel bug? Need a new place to explore and experience? Well here are the top ten cities you have to see during your lifetime. Each has a different and special, unique feel about it that makes these cities simply irresistible. Pack a map, walking shoes, and even an umbrella because you are going on a trip to the top cities in the world.

Here are the 10 cities you’ve got to see before you die.

  1. New York City

  2. New York is the Big Apple, the East Coast Hollywood, and the Theater center of the world. This city is full of life and energy. There’s many reasons why New York is called the city that never sleeps. No matter what time of day (or night) there is a restaurant open, a show or play to see, or something fantastic to discover. You will never fully feel like you’ve explored enough of New York and everyone who comes has a different experience than another. But that’s just what makes it so special. New York is a must for everyone’s top destinations!

  3. Rome

  4. Where else in the world can you experience ancient ruins across the street from a modern art deco museum, all while enjoying a huge bowl of pasta and wine at an outdoor patio? The best thing about Rome is there are no limits to what you can see and do. This is the true coming together of old world meets new world. One minute you will be catching your breath from the beauty of the Colosseum and the next moment you are licking gelato and walking through world class shops. The best part is this city is for everyone. Families, honeymooners, and college students alike can all enjoy the ruins, duomos, and museums. They are after all, one of a kind.

  5. Paris

  6. The City of Love is as romantic and corny as you could possibly get. That’s why Paris is such a great place to visit. Lovers come here at some point in their lives to experience the romance that practically oozes out of every museum, theater, and opera. The Louvre, Sacré Coeur, Eiffel Tower, and Notre Dame are just a few of the wonderful places you have to see. This city is so full of culture and elegance it is impossible to not fall in love with it.

  7. London

  8. Cheers! You have arrived in London. That is the vibe you get the second your feet hit the pavement, and you won’t stop moving until your are exhausted. One of the most visited cities by college students in Europe, London is a wonderful place to visit. It is often considered the home away from home because of the similarities drawn to the USA. Many movies have taken place depicting this lovely city, but you really must come and see it for yourself. Bring a good pair of walking shoes because you will be running all over the city to see the amazing sights.

  9. Moscow

  10. By many to be considered one of the greatest cities in the world, Moscow has more than earned that reputation. The city looks something like a fairytale with the huge, ornamented buildings and elaborate designs and colors. People who come here are overcome by the beauty of sights like St. Basil Cathedral and The Kremlin, with its large diamond collection. Don’t miss a chance to see Moscow and all of its beauty and charm.

  11. Rio De Janeiro

  12. The Marvelous City, as it is known, Rio De Janeiro is for those who are spiritual in the mind or searching in the soul. Many Christians around the world consider this city just as important a place to visit in their lifetime as Mecca or Jerusalem. And that is truly marvelous. Get ready for a mind blowing trip that will have you immersed in the culture of spirituality and faith.

  13. Athens

  14. Athens is one of the oldest and best preserved cities in the world. The Greeks built this city to last through the ages. And have kept its beauty in tact for the past few thousand years. Some of the most famous monuments and buildings can be found here. It’s one of those places you really have to come and experience for yourself to understand what is so special about it. Some of the oldest and best kept secrets and mysteries are still lingering around these ancient ruins waiting for you to come and explore.

  15. Beijing

  16. Beijing is the capital of the largest populated country in the world. China has for many years been kept shut from the outside world and just recently opened its’ doors to us. All of the suspense and build up are now open and willing to have people come and explore. If you thought you have been to a big city, just wait until you step outside a cab here. There are so many things to see and do it can become a bit overwhelming, so why not come again? If you live your entire life without seeing Beijing you are missing out on one of the world’s most prized gems.

  17. Sydney

  18. Just like Beijing, Sydney is a very different place than anything you have ever experienced before. The people and the culture here is a very welcoming kind that will make you feel at home the second you get here. A trip to the down under would simply not be complete without a stay in Sydney. Many college students who study abroad in Australia or Asia flock to Sydney for its’ easy going, laid back nature.

  19. Bangkok

  20. From the outside this city looks just like any other large, industrial urban metropolitan. But go beyond the shell and you will begin to see the Thai culture coming through. One trip to the Grand Palace and you will begin to understand what is so special about this often overlooked city. Bangkok takes great pride in its’ royal family and royal grounds. The palace is completely indescribable unless you have seen it first hand and even then you can’t believe it.

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