How to Find a Deal

Looking for a deal? Want to know how to find the best travel deals? Well, that depends on how you define a “deal”.

Looking for a deal on a flight or hotel?

Want to know how to find the best travel deals? Well, that depends on how you define a “deal”. Everyone wants to save money on their flights, hotels, and activities and there are a lot of ways to do this. Here are some good rules of thumb for finding and booking travel deals.

Do your homework!

There are hundreds of “deals” every day. Each one of them won’t be spelled out as a super good deal and promoted all over the place. So how do you know you’re getting the best deal? Really, the best way to know for sure is to compare. When you find a price that you think is good, search for the same product on other sites. If it costs more elsewhere, you’re probably getting a good deal.

Stay tuned for sales

From time to time, StudentUniverse may be running a sale. The only way to hear about these sales are to stay tuned. Here’s how you can hear about StudentUniverse sales:

More than just price

Remember that there’s more that goes into a good deal than just a good price. Take note of whether your flight is direct or has stops and for how long. Check where your hotel or hostel is located. Is it near public transportation and the sites? What’s included?

Something you may not know is that StudentUniverse airfares often come with better terms and conditions than other sites. For example, you may have more flexibility and less or no fees when canceling or changing your ticket. However, this depends on the airline and itinerary. You can read a little more about the benefits of our tickets. If you have questions about the terms of your specific ticket, feel free to contact us.

Where can I find promo codes and coupon codes?

From time to time, StudentUniverse may have promo codes available for an added discount on your flight. If such promo codes exist, StudentUniverse will announce them through emails, Facebook, and Twitter. The only way to hear about StudentUniverse promo codes are to stay tuned to these channels.

CAUTION! There are a lot of other websites out there that claim to have StudentUniverse promo codes, StudentUniverse coupon codes, and StudentUniverse discount codes. Some claim to have exclusive StudentUniverse savings or even appear to be StudentUniverse. Some websites even go so far as to claim to have free shipping codes. Free shipping codes? Free shipping on what? These guys are just trying to get you on their website for traffic and to make a buck. At the end of the day, all you will find is expired promo codes and no help. Be smart and stick to the real deal.

What does StudentUniverse offer deals on?

StudentUniverse offers verified students access to exclusive deals and experiences. We have been around for more than a decade and millions of students have used our services. Students can become members for free and as long as they're enrolled in a degree granting college they'll get exclusive deals. Being a student can be very expensive and StudentUniverse members save on products and services they need during their time in school.

  • Cheap flights: Since we verify that our members are college students, faculty, or youth, we can negotiate cheaper airfares for them from our many airline partners. Don’t worry; StudentUniverse membership is free. We don’t charge for a student ID card to get our deals.
  • Cheap Hotels and Hostels: We do our best to find all the best places to stay for the young and restless but we don’t limit it. You actually don’t have to be a student or youth to get our hotel deals. Anyone can book, so tell your friends.
  • Cheap Activities: With everything from walking tours to day trips and dinner cruises to bungee jumping and pub crawls, StudentUniverse offers over 5,500 site-seeing tours and activities in over 400 destinations all over the world. Whether you’re looking for things to do this weekend or on your next trip, there’s always something cool to do at StudentUniverse. Anyone can book these too so bring friends and family!
  • StudentUniverse also has deals on group travel, rail passes, tours, and any other deals you need for school.

Remember not to be naive though. No one has the best prices every time so do your homework. Just make sure you start your search with StudentUniverse.