Secrets to Finding Last Minute Deals

Getting schooled in travel

Understanding a little bit about how the airline industry works could save you a lot of money. Today we’re going to look at last minute flight deals. Every day students and youth travelers save hundreds of dollars on their last minute airfares, so what’s the secret?

What you need to know

The prices of regular airfares typically go up up up the closer you get to your departure date. That’s the reason good deals are typically easier to find when you book far in advance. The airlines have very advanced pricing algorithms that calculate the price they want you to pay. Some of the things that come into play are distance, destination, season, availability, day of week and how many days until your departure. In a lot of ways that makes sense, if you’re booking two days before your departure you expect to pay more than if you’re booking 30 days before your departure.

So you should always book far in advance. That’s fine, in theory, but as we all know life’s not like that. Things come up and we all tend to procrastinate every now and then – so what do you do then? How do you find a good deal when you need or want a last minute flight?

You can procrastinate

That’s where our airfares can save the day. You see, our airfares are NOT like regular airfares. The closer you get to your departure date, the more you save.

When you compare our prices to the market prices. Think of it this way - our airfare prices look more like a straight line than the market prices. As you can see from the graph in this article the price you pay will typically go up, so we don’t recommend waiting to save money, but if you compare our prices to what you find on other sites you’ll save more when you’re looking for last minute deals.

We can never guarantee that you’ll save money and this is for illustration and education purposes only. But searching for a flight is fast and membership is free, so you don’t really have a whole lot to lose. The next time you need or want to go somewhere on a short notice, please come back and we’ll do our best to get you on that plane for less.

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Note: Savings statements are based on actual bookings made on StudentUniverse within the past 45 days. The price of StudentUniverse student airfares were compared to the cheapest available retail price at the time of user initiated search and booking. This article is for illustration and education purposes only. Airfare prices change every day and all users must search and compare to find their savings.

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