Things to Do in San Jose

Within San Jose there is plenty to see. From lush valleys & mountains to a walk through museums, find out Things to do in San Jose to make your trip memorable!

Because Costa Rica rates as one of the top ten Study Abroad destinations, you will find San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica, a great city to get to know. Surrounded by lush valleys and mountains, San Jose has something to offer everyone, thanks to a rich history and enduring traditions. Museums, shops, and beautiful surroundings make this city a pleasurable starting point for Spring Break at the beaches as well as adventure tours into Costa Rica’s fabulous landscapes. In comparison with other destinations San Jose is a rather cheap place to vacation and with discount travel for students, it’s a trip you don’t want to pass up. Clean, safe, budget rooms in San Jose will set you back about $30 to $40 per night. Unusually for a cheap hotel in San Jose, Posada del Museo downtown has internet connections.

Within San Jose there is plenty to see and do. Many museums are very interesting to walk through. In particular visit the Museo Oro Precolombino (The Pre-Colombian Gold Museum) and the Museo Nacional. The latter museum is an actual fort used in the 1948 revolution. There are also a lot of tours of different locations in and around the city. Some notable tours go to the Butterfly Farm; there are also rafting tours near San Jose. It is worth your time to make a trip to the volcanoes of Poas. Many hotels also offer gambling for those looking to enjoy some gaming.