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If you’re lucky enough to go to school in Atlanta, or even live there, you should know that StudentUniverse offers Atlanta flights at prices as low as they come. This is a city has so much excitement for everyone to experience–there’s no reason to miss out on it with easy and cheap flights available.

Atlanta is bursting with American history. Civil rights history has a major focus here since it is the birthplace and home of Martin Luther King Jr. There’s no shortage of museums, monuments and historic sites dedicated to this important part of the nation’s past. However, all this history is found within a city that is a progressive and unique 21st century hub (all while maintaining a bit of Southern charm). The city is constantly changing with new stores, restaurants and lots of downtown green space being added. You’ll find some of the most impressive street art in the city (where it’s actually encouraged!) and if that doesn’t make for an incredibly artsy Instagram post, then what will? The nightlife is always exciting with active live music scenes in any genre from hip-hop (especially) to country.

If that isn’t convincing enough, take a trip to Atlanta because it is the birthplace of Outkast’s “Hey Ya”. That’s definitely enough reason to book a flight.

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Tips on flying to Atlanta

Atlanta Airports: Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport is the busiest airport in the world. It services the most passengers annually and hosts the most aircraft movements out of all other airports across the globe. Waiting for your flight won’t be boring with a very large selection of shopping, dining and even art exhibit options within its seven concourses. Many of our airline partners offering student discounts have terminals here, including American Airlines, United Airlines, Iberia Airlines, AirTransat and Qatar Airways. With so many options, you’re guaranteed to find a price and time that works for you.

Atlanta Transportation: Who needs transportation besides your own two feet while in Atlanta? Atlanta consistently makes top ten lists for most walkable cities in the US. Trust us, you’ll miss out on some great neighborhoods if you don’t walk around and immerse yourself in the atmosphere–and you’ll save money by doing it! The still developing Atlanta Beltline is a 22 mile loop connecting 45 Atlanta neighborhoods with walking trails, hiking paths, parks and modern streetcar routes. But if you’re still completely anti-exercise, Atlanta has the reliable MARTA public transportation system, various streetcars routes and of course plenty of ridesharing services around.

Things to do in Atlanta: The Georgia Aquarium is the second largest aquarium in the world and the magical home to more than 100,000 animals, several thousand species and like... 10 million gallons of water. The Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site includes MLK’s childhood home, the church where he preached and his burial memorial. If you think museums aren’t fun, go to the World of Coca-Cola to be proved wrong. Try one of the 100+ sample beverages and hang out with the 7 foot tall Coke polar bear while you’re there. There’s also the Atlanta Centennial Olympic Park built for the 1996 olympics but is still a relaxing park with various water features, free concerts, a ferris wheel and cool monuments.

Food & Music in Atlanta: Atlanta food...did you mean southern USA cooking? Enjoy “meat and three” meals and plenty of the best fried chicken you’ll ever have. Atlanta is also quickly becoming the foodie capital of the south because of the increase in restaurants serving food from all different cultures. Considered by many to be the capital of all things hip-hop, Atlanta has a thriving underground hip-hop scene at different bars and clubs. Maybe you’ll see the next Outkast perform! Or better yet, the next Lil Yachty (both Atlanta natives). Being in the south, you’ll also hear great country acts do their thing too.