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Hyderabad is a bustling city in India affectionately known as the City of Pearls. Hyderabad managed to keep its culture and history preserved all while becoming a sprawling metropolis. There is an even mix of historic landmarks that date back over 400 years and then the newer technology-boom additions to the city—there are chic restaurants, shopping centers, impressive modern architecture and nightclubs for tourists. To top it all, StudentUniverse has made it easier for you to experience this amazing city with our super cheap flights to Hyderabad.

The city is split into five zones—all different experiences—but tourists most often explore South and Central. The South Zone (also known as the Old City) will give you the best taste of traditional Hyderabad. You can see many of the historical sites and experience the lively street-stall shopping culture here. The Central Zone has more upscale dining and entertainment to enjoy on a night you wish to splurge. The other zones are where many call home.

If you love historical monuments, palaces, congested traffic or if your family is there waiting, Hyderabad is the place for you! Book your cheap tickets now for travel to Hyderabad, study abroad or going home.

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