Vietnam Airlines Student Discount

Vietnam Airlines, Your Journey Begins Here

Vietnam Airlines has teamed up with StudentUniverse to open up a network of travel across East Asia, Southeast Asia, Europe and Oceania. They fly to 21 destinations within Vietnam, giving you unparalleled access to this beautiful country, along with flying to 28 international destinations. Fly with Vietnam’s Flag Carrier airline, and know you’re in good hands.

What Sets Vietnam Airlines Apart

You’re Never Bored

Vietnam Airlines knows you don’t just want to go from point A to point B. They know you want to get where you’re going, but also not die of boredom. On selected flights, Vietnam Airlines offers in-flight entertainment through their personal screens. Watch films and TV shows, play games, or listen to music, all from your seat.

You Get Where You’re Going

Vietnam Airlines has a fleet of 83 aircraft, and that number is expected to grow to 170 in 2020. That means unparalleled service across southeast Asia and locales beyond. With their codesharing program, they connect with big-name airlines like Delta Air Lines, Air France, and Jet Airways to give you even more travel options.

Baggage Information

For Business and Premium Class, the maximum weight allowance is 30kg on a checked bag, and you are allowed two pieces of hand baggage to carry on. For Economy class, the weight allowance is 20kg for a checked bag, and you are allowed one piece of hand baggage to carry on. For more on Vietnam Airlines’ baggage policy, visit their website here.