Shandong Airlines Student Discount

Shandong, Safety and Success

Shandong Airlines and StudentUniverse have teamed up in order to provide you with the best student discounts on airfare across 70 different destinations in 7 countries in Asia. Going home, studying abroad, backpacking or vacationing—whatever your reason for travel, Shandong and StudentUniverse will get you there cheap and easy.

Features of Flying Shandong Airlines


Although Shandong offers destinations in 7 different countries, it offers nearly 50 different destinations exclusively in China. Traveling in China is a breeze with Shandong Airlines.

Affordable Prices

Shandong Airlines is committed to and known for providing passengers with low-cost airfare and cheap deals. This Asian airline is great for travelers with a budget who still hope to experience excellent service and convenient flying despite the cheap price.

Baggage Information

Baggage fees and policies differ per ticket type. For more information, be sure to check out their baggage information page.

Fly with Shandong Airlines

Shandong Airlines has a commitment to safety, excellent service and low-cost prices. This Chinese airline is sure to provide a comfortable flight with great student discounts.