Saudia Student Discount

Fly Like You Own the Sky

Saudia and StudentUniverse are coming together to provide student travelers with a next-level flying experience. Student discounts on flights will get you to every corner of the globe, and get you exploring this great wide world of ours.

Features of flying Saudia

In-Flight Entertainment

Saudia gives you your own personal viewing screen, where you can watch movies, music videos, and up to 40 channels of TV right there in front of you. If you feel like leaning back, relaxing, and just closing your eyes, they have you covered; their audio on-demand will play you some music while you fly to your destination.

Stay Connected with WiFi

On Saudia Airbus A330 aircrafts, and on selected Boeing 777-300ER aircrafts, they have your hookup for WiFi. Make and receive phone calls, check Instagram, or just browse the internet from your WiFi-capable devices, for a small fee.

In-Flight Cuisine

Snack on top quality food from the airline’s catering company, and arrive at your destination energized and ready.

Baggage Information

Baggage allowances are determined by seat on Saudia. Everyone is allowed one carry-on piece of luggage, but First and Business Class get an extra bag added to their allowance. No matter what seat you purchased, you are allowed two free checked bags. For more information and luggage weight restrictions, visit the baggage section of their website.

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia Jeddah, Saudi Arabia