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Pegasus Airlines and StudentUniverse have come together to offer service to 33 destinations in Turkey and 72 destinations across the globe. That gives them a flight network of 105 destinations in 40 different countries, sending you to adventures in Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, Russia and Central Asia. Fly comfortably with one of Europe’s leading low-cost airline.

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Features of flying Pegasus Airlines


Fly with the youngest fleet in Turkey

Since their inception in 2005, Pegasus Airlines has been keeping it’s 82-aircraft fleet young and state-of-the-art. At Pegasus, the average aircraft age under 6 years old. That means clean, comfortable, and reliable transit flights to wherever you might be headed to.


Tailor-made flight experiences

Pegasus Airlines wants your flight to fit your exact specifications. That means allowing you to purchase seats with extra leg room, aisle seats, or window seats. Pegasus also offers different flight packages (Basic, Essentials, Advantage & Extras) each of which offers special deals and discounts on baggage fees, seat selection, and inflight food and beverage service. To spice up your flight, you may choose a variety of meals from Pegasus Café each tastier than the other with affordable prices from salad to grilled beef, breakfast, sushi, ravioli and pasta, a multitude of options.

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Pegasus flex

With Pegasus’s new product Pegasus Flex, which can be purchased when buying your ticket, gives you the right to unlimited ticket changes. With Flex you can change the time and route of your ticket without paying penalty fees until 2 hours left to your flight. All you need to do is to pay the difference between the two tickets if there is.

Baggage information

Baggage fees and policies differ per ticket type. For more information, be sure to check out the baggage information page.