3% of Students Have Canceled Travel as a Result of Terrorist Attacks

Student travelers in the US and UK are not changing their travel habits due to terrorist incidents. Only 3% of our US customers that had travel plans booked to a destination where a terrorist attack had recently taken place have cancelled travel  and only 6% of students canceled a trip due to fears about the risk of a terrorist attack or incident taking place in the location they planned to visit.

When it comes to safety concerns, 11% of our customers said they would actually feel slightly or much more safe visiting that destination that had been victim to a recent terrorist attack, 29% said they would feel neither more or less safe, 44% said they would feel slightly less safe and 16% said they would feel much less safe.

One of the US survey respondents provided some additional insight into why she answered the survey the way she did, “I would not change my travel plans because of world events. I am a college student lucky enough to have the ability to travel while I have little responsibilities and would not avoid traveling because of the things happening around the world. I am about to travel to a country that has had tragic events in the recent past which causes me to be more alert and cautious, but I believe it will still be an amazing adventure,” said Kellie K, California State University – Channel Islands.

For more on how our UK customers felt about travel and safety immediately following the London Bridge attack, and how bookings have been impacted  after terrorist incidents to nine cities that have experienced terrorist attacks over the last several years, read our full news release.

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