Article 50 And Travel Within Europe – What Do Students Think?

Major political events tend to have a direct correlation, and a big impact, on travel plans and patterns.

Dan Baker, the General Manager of StudentUniverse UK, has spotlighted a few of these political events in his column on The Huffington Post. Back in February, Dan looked at the impact of Trump’s presidency on UK students’ interest in traveling to the U.S. In his latest column, he looked at what the triggering of Article 50 means to UK students and their interest in travelling around the EU.

Although no changes will be seen until March, 2019 when final negotiations wrap up, this could impact a number of issues that touch travel. From passport/visa requirements for UK passport holders to travel to/within the EU, to the future of free data roaming across Europe, to UK passport holders using non-EU citizen lines when clearing customs; the effects of Brexit have the potential to impact many touch points of the travel experience.

81% of  our UK travelers said their interest in travelling within Europe has not decreased since Article 50 confirmed the UK’s plans to leave the EU.

Read the full results of the survey and more in Dan’s Huffington Post article.

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