Jessica | Marketing

Jessica’s First Year at StudentUniverse

Jessica | Marketing

One year ago a pink-loving Bentley graduate sat down at her StudentUniverse desk for the first time. She’d gone through a few rounds of interviews and impressed the team with her passion for e-marketing. She joined the team as Manager, Online Marketing. Now, to find out what the first twelve months have been like, well, we simply asked her a few questions. This one’s for anyone that might be interested in joining our team. We’re always looking for bright people willing to move at breakneck speed.

Q: What’s it like to work at StudentUniverse?
A: There’s never a dull moment. The environment at StudentUniverse is two things – fast and fun. I’m able to accomplish a lot every day because of our open environment and co-workers that can really ‘get stuff done’. Although everyone is always working extremely hard, we also have no shortage of laughter.

Q: Strangest episode in the last twelve months?
A: A discussion about ice skating. During an interview. It was weird.

Q: How’s the coffee?
A: As long as there’s caffeine in it, I’ll drink it. But having a Keurig in the office doesn’t hurt either. So yeah, the coffee is good. Weird question though.

Q: Another Bentley grad! What’s up with that?
A: We’re awesome, what can I say? And so humble too. No but really, Bentley grads go to school to study business because they love it, and the majority end up studying abroad and falling in love with travel too. So why wouldn’t a Bentley grad want to be in a business position at one of the best travel companies around?

Q: Favorite office-moment so far?
A: Moving day! We recently moved into a new, more modern office. It was a fresh-start and definitely an upgrade.

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