What’s SUMM?
Spring Break 2013

What’s SUMM?

College Marketing

StudentUniverse recently re-branded its media and marketing division. Here’s a brief Q&A to answer some common questions. 

Q: What is SUMM?
A: SUMM is a youth and college marketing agency. Formally known as StudentUniverse Media, SUMM stands for “StudentUniverse Media and Marketing”, a recent re-brand which encompasses the company’s expansion and maturation from a digital marketing focus to a premium provider of marketing expertise, including strategy development, digital and online media, guerrilla and event marketing services.

Q: What services does SUMM offer?
A: SUMM is a boutique agency that customizes marketing and advertising campaigns for brands, specializing in consulting, experiential marketing, and digital media. See the full list of SUMM Services.

Q: Why should brands care about the student market?
A: For most students, college is their first chance to make brand decisions on their own. Since they are at the beginning of the customer-life-cycle, brands have the opportunity to make a memorable first impression and create lifelong customers.

Q: Why work with a youth and college marketing agency?
A: Working with a youth and college marketing agency gives you the expertise needed to position your brand to this audience and execute effectively. SUMM not only understands how to speak to students and what they respond to, but where to speak to them. That means knowing the right websites and understanding their business models, knowing the best venues and events to activate at, and an intrinsic knowledge of how to reach students on campus.

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