SUMM | A division of StudentUniverse

SUMM | A division of StudentUniverse


Waltham, Mass. (March 14, 2012) — StudentUniverse Media announced today a full range of services and offerings under a new brand: SUMM agency. SUMM is a premium provider of marketing expertise focused on the college market, offering strategy development, digital and online media, as well as guerilla and event marketing services. With an estimated $36 billion in spending during the 2010-2011 school year alone, college students represent one of the most valuable market segments for many brands.

After a year of meeting customer needs and identifying additional market trends, the agency is expanding from a digital marketing focus to a fully integrated marketing provider, serving as a creative partner for brands looking to reach the college market. From coordinating swag to breaking world records, SUMM has proven its ability to help brands engage and interact with students.

General Manager Paul Tedeschi brings more than 24 years of marketing experience to the agency, much of that which was focused on the college and youth demographic. Co-founder and former CEO of Mr. Youth, Tedeschi knows how to work with top brands such as Macy’s, Sony, Starbucks, Victoria’s Secret PINK and Microsoft to create campaigns that engage and activate college students.

“SUMM agency is filling a void in the market as the only agency solely focused on the college market. We understand students and know how to create events and campaigns that appeal to them,” said Tedeschi. “My experience in this market made it easy to recognize StudentUniverse, the leading provider of student deals, as an authentic advocate for its users. Working with the company allows us to advocate as well, pushing for the best deals by connecting students to the brands they know and love.”

Among partners who recognize the importance of targeting the college market is SoBe®. “SoBe is flavoring an important Millennial rite of passage through an integrated Spring Break program that resonates with students, a key target for the brand,” said Patty Montagno, Sr. Brand Manager, SoBe.  “SoBe has partnered with SUMM Agency as the experts in scouting Spring Break destination hot spots where SoBe is engaging students through large-scale sampling and a grassroots approach.”

Under Tedeschi’s leadership, the SUMM team launched a campaign with the Panama City Beach Convention and Visitor’s Bureau to spur spring break tourism in Panama City. The team set forth to break a Guinness World Record for the largest bikini parade and beat out previous record holder Australia with an astonishing 450 bikini-clad participants, 93 more participants than the previous record. The parade garnered national attention demonstrating SUMM’s ability to create an event that connects brands with the college market to build buzz, engage students, and increase brand awareness.

SUMM is currently planning another big event: College Day on September 29, 2012 at Fenway Park. This will be the second annual College Day event which coincides with Fenway Park’s 100th anniversary. College Day is a one day event where college students are permitted free entry into Boston’s iconic Fenway Park and have the opportunity to discover and interact with brands while exploring one of Boston’s greatest attractions.

About SUMM
SUMM agency is a nontraditional media and marketing agency that specializes in college marketing. SUMM brings brand college marketing goals to life through exceptional experiential and digital marketing strategies. The agency helps brands foster relationships with the adopters, the leaders, and the key to future market share; students. SUMM Agency is a division of StudentUniverse, the student deals leader for over a decade.

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