Icelandair Student Discount

An affordable way to get where you want to go

Icelandair and StudentUniverse have teamed up to provide you the best student discounts on airfare. Study abroad, vacation, backpacking— whatever your reason for travel, Icelandair and StudentUniverse will get you there cheap and easy.

Features of flying Icelandair

In-flight Entertainment

Choose from a wide selection of movies, television shows, music and more with personal entertainment centers! If you forgot your headphones, they are available for purchase on board.

Economy class seats

With great legroom, blankets and pillows available in every seat, and complimentary soft drinks, you will certainly be comfortable at an affordable price.

Saga shop

Shop while you are in the air. With Icelandair’s in-flight store, travelers can choose from perfumes, accessories, sweets and jewelry, all at a duty-free price!

Baggage information

Baggage fees and policies differ per ticket type. For more information, be sure to check out their baggage information page.

Iceland, a nice land

Flying to Europe? Fly with Icelandair, one of StudentUnivere’s original airline partners, and stop over for up to seven days in Iceland.