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Why visit and stay in Myrtle Beach?

When it comes to fun places in South Carolina, it's hard to top Myrtle Beach. A sunny metropolis that's pretty much always awake, this is a feel-good spot bursting with energy. The city enjoys a subtropical climate and sits smack bang in the middle of the Grand Strand - a 60-mile stretch of uninterrupted sandy beach. Cool bars, eclectic restaurants and fun things to do pop up at every turn. Happy days!

Myrtle Beach Hotels

Other reasons to visit

Awesome entertainment options, great shopping and, of course, buzzing nightlife (Spring Break, anyone?). Underneath all the glitz and bright lights is a real sense of community and a welcoming, friendly vibe. The hotels and other kinds of accommodation are affordable for students and young adults, making this the perfect spot to stay for a city break and let your hair down.

Myrtle Beach

Hotels in North Myrtle Beach & Central Myrtle Beach

Situated about 15 miles up the coast from Myrtle Beach itself, North Myrtle Beach is a good spot to find a place to stay if you’re keen for a slightly more chilled atmosphere. Hotels here are plentiful but keep in mind there’s not quite as much going on, and you’ll need to get transport down the coast if you want to enjoy the classic Myrtle Beach experience. Another reason to stay here is that you can often find slightly cheaper hotel rates! Restaurants are also a bit more affordable in this part of town, so keep that in mind if you’re on a budget. Kayaking, paddle boarding and other water sports are popular around here. Surfing is also good if the wind’s up!

In an ideal world, however, you’ll probably want to stay in Central Myrtle Beach - this is where the real action is!

All the main attractions (more on those below) in the region can be found in Myrtle Beach itself and this is where all the Spring Break action takes place. Luxury hotels are all over the place, but so too are more affordable options, meaning there’s something for everyone when it comes to finding accommodation here. Strolling the famous Boardwalk, lounging on the beach and trying the local seafood are classic things to do when staying here. Other things to do can be seen below.

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What are the best attractions in Myrtle Beach?

How should you spend your time in Myrtle Beach? Effectively, you've got plenty of choices! A huge amount of attractions and things to do will be competing for your attention while you’re here. Really, the only difficult thing is choosing!

Top South Carolina bars and restaurants pack out the waterfront, and food markets are good for grabbing something on the go (try The Fresh Market on North Kings Highway for local produce and an old world kind of vibe). Horseback riding on the beach is a classic experience, as is taking a ride on the SkyWheel - a gigantic Ferris wheel in the heart of the downtown action. Entertainment is one of the best reasons to visit, though, and you’re not short on options when it comes to that.

Calvin Gilmore’s theater - the Carolina Opry - offers one of the hottest tickets in town. On this practically allowed ground (it’s been there over 35 years and kind of triggered the whole Myrtle Beach theater boom) you can see his famous music and comedy variety show - the current one is called Time Warp. Rock artists, jazz musicians and gospel legends can be found at The House of Blues, and for Motown tributes look no further than the GTS Theater. Nobody goes to the Pirates Voyage Dinner Show - which includes a buccaneer battle - and regrets it, so there’s that, too.

Delving into other attractions, ever heard of shag dancing, aka ‘shagging’? Obviously, no trip to Myrtle Beach would be complete without this particular activity - it’s the official dance of South Carolina: a slow, swinging jitterbug that you can learn at Fat Harold’s Beach Club ($10 a go if you visit on Mondays, but let’s face it, there’s never a bad day to brush up on your shagging skills). Golf - the mini kind - is big here, too: at last count Myrtle Beach had around 50 options for whimsical ways to putt. Seriously, the only question you should be asking yourself at this point isn’t what hotel room to book, but what property to buy.

Can students get discounts on Myrtle Beach hotels?

Actually, yes, but on one condition: you have to book through StudentUniverse (that’s us) because THAT’S WHAT WE DO FOLKS - student discounts on flights and hotels all over the globe, which we can confirm includes Myrtle Beach, even though given the above information you could be forgiven for assuming if it exists on some utopian world many light years from dreary Planet Earth.

Where are the best places to stay in Myrtle Beach for students?

Finding a place to stay in Myrtle Beach can be hard to decide on if you're not familiar with the city, but we can help by whittling the choice down to two main options. On the one hand you have North Myrtle Beach and on the other there's Central Myrtle Beach. Really, you can't go wrong in either!

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