San Diego Hotels

Why visit and stay in San Diego?

San Diego is such a great place to visit anytime of the year. It’s weather is consistently in the 70s so it won’t matter if you visit in July or January, you’ll be guaranteed a great, warm (but not too hot) experience. The city offers a bit of everything, from beaches and surfing, to a busting downtown city, lots of restaurants, bars, and clubs, and plenty of museums and attractions to check out. San Diego is the perfect place to stay because so much of what you might want to do is right within walking distance (or at least a quick, easy, and cheap public transit trip). And by booking your trip to San Diego with StudentUniverse, you’ll get the best prices available for your hotel (and your flight!) - plus our members can save even more with exclusive promo codes during sales! What are you waiting for? Search your trip right above.

San Diego Hotels

Where are the best places to stay in San Diego for students and young adults?

Students and young adults looking to experience San Diego’s beaches should stay in La Jolla. If you’re looking to experience the nightlife of San Diego, stay in the Gaslamp Quarter (also right by the Convention Center!). Two more great places to stay are Pacific Beach (a top party spot for college students) and Mission Bay.

San Diego

San Diego Hotels on the Beach

There are loads of hotels to choose from in the area of beaches in San Diego. What’s great about this is that you have options to choose from, letting you tailor your trip to fit your needs. You can find hotels that meet your exact needs (whether that means it’s family friendly, it has a fitness center and a pool, or complimentary breakfast). Another great thing to come from all the options is pricing and availability - you’ll be able to find a hotel in the price range that suits you.

As far as beach areas in San Diego - check out La Jolla, Blacks, and Scripps areas for beaches with hotels. All three of these areas are basically next to each other and will keep you right in the center of beach life. By staying in a hotel right by the beach, you’ll be able to save money on your trip from not paying for your travel back and forth. Bonus: San Diego is considered super walkable!

Mission Bay will also put you nearby some beaches, as well as other activities too. Check out the MIssion Beach Boardwalk for some amusement park fun or head over to SeaWorld if you want to hang with some dolphins. Adjacent to Mission Bay is Pacific Beach, where again you’ll find plenty of beach space as well as great party spots. Both of these areas offer beaches, fun, and of course, lots of hotels to choose from for your stay.

Cheap San Diego Hotels

What are the best attractions in San Diego?

There are so many awesome attractions in San Diego that it’s hard to narrow it down to a list of just a few. If you’re only able to do a couple things, among our top picks for what to do are: the San Diego Zoo, a bonfire at La Jolla cove, shopping in Seaport Village, and Balboa Park. If you can get out of the city itself for an excursion and enjoy nature, Cowles Mountain makes for a great hike. If you want to hit the touristy spots (they’re popular for a reason), you’ll be adding SeaWorld and Legoland onto your to do list. The city also has great golfing and great spas in the area, if either of those interest you.

As far as food must-dos while you’re in San Diego, tacos top the list. Given the city’s location, there are some really authentic and delicious options - like some of the best you’ll find in the US. Other foods to place at the top of our eating itinerary are some seafood (duh, the ocean’s right there) and California style pizza (thin crust, cali toppings).

Can students get discounts on San Diego hotels?

Always! With StudentUniverse you can find student discounts on San Diego hotels all the time! Our whole goal is to give students a great price for their travel. You’ll find these discounts built right into our site so just by searching you’re seeing the best prices available. You can also find even bigger discounts and savings if you book during one of our sales! Pay attention to our socials or join our email list if you don’t want to worry about missing those sales.

Students can also get discounts while they are in San Diego. The city is a college city after all, meaning that there are plenty of places (like restaurants, activities) that offer college discounts with your student IDs. If you aren’t sure whether somewhere has a student discount, just ask! Popular places with student discounts in San Diego include: the San Diego Zoo, the San Diego Museum of Art, and lots of restaurants.

What are the hotels like in San Diego?

There are so many. How can we narrow it down to a single description? You’ll find lots of variety in luxury and in price range among the hotels in San Diego. If you’re looking to experience something classier, there will be plenty of choices to pick from, but if you’re trying to stick to a smaller budget, there are lots of affordable options too! On our site you’ll find hotels from 2 stars to 5 stars, and for as low as like $50/night (or even lower when we’re running a sale!).

You can find hotels throughout basically all of San Diego, with concentrations of them near the beach or downtown. What this means for you is that the hotels are all located right where you’d want to be! Your room and your activities will basically all be within walking distance - helping cut transportation costs! One more great thing is that among the hotels in San Diego, you’ll still find budget-friendly options in the popular exciting areas that you want to be in.

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