On a mission to improve education around
the world through travel and volunteer.

We're on a mission to fuel education… and here’s why

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According to Unicef, there are an estimated 58 million primary school-age children who are not in school. We are striving to change this statistic by teaming up with Me to We and sending three people on a trip to literally build a school in a community that really needs it. We will also be taking part in sustainable development projects like a clean water project or health centre, and learn a bit of Hindi while talking to local elders and playing with kids.

Why is this mission so important?

Through this mission, we will be working (literally!) to bring education to an area of the world that doesn't have the infrastructure set up to educate its children. We love to enable students to travel, especially when it involves giving back to communities around the world, where they learn things they never could in a classroom. We're partnering with Me to We and Jet Airways to carry out this mission.

What does this have to do with travel?

Exploring different corners of the world opens the minds of travelers, enlightening us to different perspectives. Through this trip, you'll be able to explore unforgettable historical sites like Ranakpur Temple or Kumbhalgarh Fort and also receive exposure and understanding of complex social issues that affect the country and understand how they connect to your life at home.

We believe that education is a basic human right and not a privilege. This volunteer mission to Udaipur will have a profound effect on the lives of the students who leave a lasting legacy there and help bring education to this region of India.