Flights to Wuhan

Cheap student flights to Wuhan

If you think that flights to Wuhan are too expensive for a student budget, think again! Our cheap flights mean you can travel to China for all the important moments. Whether you’re visiting family and friends or just exploring, a trip to Wuhan should definitely be on your wishlist.

Wuhan is filled with history and architecture. It’s famous for its stunning bridges, especially the Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge— the first permanent bridge to cross the main stretch of the Yangtze. Fun fact: Wuhan is actually known as the City of Bridges—which makes sense considering that it has over 200 lakes (the most water of any of China’s major cities!). Wuhan is also famous for its delicious local dishes and energetic nightlife. From sunup to sundown, Wuhan’s got you covered.

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Tips for visiting Wuhan

Top Airlines flying to Wuhan: Some of our biggest partner airlines that have flights to Wuhan are Air China, Cathay Pacific, Delta, China Southern and China Eastern. With so many airlines flying to Wuhan, you've got tons of options for flight itineraries and airline perks. More options means more savings: win-win. We’ve got plenty of Cheap Flights to China and the lowdown on the best times to go; you just gotta start searching!

Our popular China tour packages: Ready to go but don’t want to be stuck planning everything? Go on a tour! Led by expert guides, our tour partners provide all the planning so you can enjoy traveling without the stress. If it’s your first trip to China, try our Essential China tour. Spend three weeks exploring the Great Wall and Forbidden City, biking around Chinese countryside and boating down the Yangtze River. Strapped for cash? Our China on a Shoestring tour lets you experience the best of China travel without breaking the bank.

Wuhan Airports: The Wuhan Tianhe International airport is a lot smaller than airports in other major Chinese cities like Beijing or Hong Kong, so, thankfully, it’s a lot easier to navigate. Buy tickets to Wuhan Tianhe International Airport and take the train or the metro into the heart of downtown.

The train station is located right underneath the airport and will take you directly to Hankou railway station in 15 minutes—one of the main transportation hubs in Wuhan. If you need to connect with another train or local bus, taking the train to Hankou might be your best bet. Ready to hit the town and start sightseeing right away? Take the Metro Line 2 (the pink line) toward Optics Valley Square to head into the heart of downtown. You’ll have access to more stations across Wuhan, and both trips cost about $1. No worries if you’re not fluent in Chinese either: subway announcements and signs are in Chinese and English.

Popular Destinations in Wuhan: While you’re there, make time for all of the can’t-miss places to visit in Wuhan, including seeing the Yellow Crane Tower which has a history of nearly 2,000 years! If you get tired of exploring the Yangtze River and snapping pics of the cherry blossoms, you can fill up in Hubu Alley or Jiqing Jie Street. These streets are packed with locals offering traditional snacks like Wuhan noodles, a Wuhan specialty of twice-cooked spicy noodles and Doupi, an omelette-like snack filled with sticky rice and meat.

And don’t think that Wuhan shuts down when the sun goes down! Wuhan’s popular outdoor night markets come alive starting around 7 pm. The Jianghan Road night market is almost a half-mile long, stuffed with everything from clothes to electronics to gifts. Stay up all night singing karaoke at one of Wuhan’s karaoke spots—most are open until 5am and cost about $10. Singing not your thing? Enjoy dancing, drinks and live music at SOHO, one of Wuhan’s most popular bars, or VOX, famous for it’s live music and cheap drinks.