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Ready to head to the hip, cosmopolitan and cultural city of Melbourne? Check out our cheapest flights to Melbourne below or use the search box above to find exactly what you need.

Student flights from the USA to Melbourne

This coastal city is the capital of the Australian state of Victoria, situated on the southeastern coast. Melbourne is regularly voted as being the world’s most livable city, so it’s an amazing city whether you’re staying for study abroad or just visiting for a few weeks! Plus, it’s also considered the coffee capital of the world (which maybe, definitely contributes to it being one of the most livable cities…).

Melbourne is also home to a thriving arts scene. With both well-known, “formal” art centers and galleries in the Melbourne Arts District like the Arts Centre Melbourne (a performing arts venue) and the massive National Gallery of Victoria with modern and indigineous art to colorful street art all over the city, there’s lots to discover. Plus, there’s delicious food for any budget, parks and gardens, beaches and, of course, a modern downtown with plenty to explore. Nearby hiking and the scenic Great Ocean Road make great weekend adventures, too!

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What are the main Melbourne airport hubs?

Melbourne has two main airports: Melbourne International Airport (MEL), known locally as the Tullamarine Airport, and the Avalon Airport (AVV), which is located just outside of Melbourne, near Geelong. The Melbourne International Airport handles all the international flights (and a good number of domestic flights as well) for the region, so you’ll most likely land in this one.

Melbourne International Airport (MEL): The Melbourne Airport is the primary airport serving the Melbourne area, and offers the most domestic and international flight routes. It’s a huge hub for Qantas and Virgin Australia, and if you’re flying to Melbourne from the US, chances are good you’ll be landing here. The airport is located about 14 miles from the city center. Once you arrive, you’ve got some options. A taxi/Uber is the fastest way into the city, taking about 25 minutes (so long as you don’t hit much traffic). The SkyBus City Express route—look for the bright red buses—will take you directly from the airport to Southern Cross Station for just $15 AUD ($12 USD). Plus, it runs every 10 minutes. They also have free shuttles to various hotels from Southern Cross Station.

Avalon Airport (AVV): The Avalon airport is a hub for Jetstar (primarily domestic flights) as well as AirAsia. If you have a layover on the way and are switching to one of these airlines, it’s possible you’ll land in Avalon. Avalon can also be a great airport to find a cheap weekend trip to elsewhere in Australia. However, the Avalon airport is quite a ways further from the city, about a 45 minute drive. You can take an Uber or a taxi, but fares can get pricey fast. We recommend taking the SkyBus Avalon City Express, just $24 AUD ($18.50 USD) and you’ll get to downtown Melbourne in about an hour.

How to fly from the USA to Melbourne

If you’ve looked at a map lately, you’ll know that Melbourne is quite a ways away from anywhere in the US, as there’s a massive ocean between them. That said, you should be able to get to Melbourne from most major cities in the US with just a stop or two along the way. There are direct flights from Los Angeles and Honolulu to Melbourne, so many US routes have you fly through LA. The most popular airlines for flights from the US to Melbourne include Qantas, Virgin Australia, United and Air New Zealand.

Cheap flights to Melbourne
from Los Angeles / LAX

Average flight duration

15 hours, 30 minutes

Number of daily flights

about 6 nonstop flights available daily

Cheap flights to Melbourne
from New York / JFK

Average flight duration

29 hours, 15 minutes

Number of daily flights

No nonstop flights, but numerous connecting flights daily

Cheap flights to Melbourne
from San Francisco / SFO

Average flight duration

19 hours 30 minutes +

Number of daily flights

No nonstop flights, but numerous connecting flights weekly

Cheap flights to Melbourne
from Boston / BOS

Average flight duration

28 hours, 30 minutes

Number of daily flights

No nonstop flights, but numerous connecting flights daily

When is the best time to fly to Melbourne?

Melbourne has pretty moderate weather, with temperatures in the 60s and 70s pretty much year-round. Snow is rare, and the coastal weather brings plenty of sunshine. The best times to visit are generally March - May or September - November, as these “shoulder seasons” bring fewer crowds and moderate weather. Keep in mind that seasons are reversed in the Land Down Under, so March - May is fall, while September - November is spring. January and February are typically Melbourne’s warmest months.

When is the cheapest time to book a flight from the USA to Melbourne?

Avgprice JanFebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDecDate of search $600$700$800$900$1000$1100$1200$1300$1400$1500$1600

Prices based on bookings made 60-90 days prior to departure.

Why do students love visiting Melbourne?

Melbourne is an incredible city to live in and study abroad. Students love visiting Melbourne for the diverse, walkable and happening city with thriving arts and food scenes, plenty of outdoor adventures and loads to do, inside or outside of the city.

Melbourne universities and campuses

Melbourne universities and campuses

Melbourne has been ranked one of the best student cities in the world and is home to seven universities (and a number of smaller campuses). The largest and most well-known of these is the University of Melbourne. The University of Melbourne is Australia’s top university, and it hosts thousands of international students from all over the world, so there’s plenty of study abroad options for you here! Other options include Monash University and RMIT University (focused on design and technology), among others. Melbourne in general has a huge student population, so it’s a great place to study abroad. If you’re not sure where to begin, check in with your home university’s study abroad office to see if any exchange programs or study abroad options in Melbourne already exist at your school.

Melbourne culture

Melbourne lifestyle and culture

Melbourne is often ranked the most liveable city in the world, and that’s not just because it has some of the best coffee worldwide too (although that’s definitely part of it). Melbourne is home to an incredible laneway culture. For the uninitiated, “laneways” are pedestrian streets and alleyways lined with cafes, shops, live music, bookshops, street art, even street parties! Besides the amazing laneway culture, it’s known as the “Cultural Capital of Australia,” with a hip and casual lifestyle that features top-notch art and food scenes, plus a diverse community with tons of festivals and events year-round.

Melbourne on a budget

Exploring Melbourne on a student budget

Melbourne is pretty easy to explore on a student budget, as it’s a very student-friendly city with lots of free things to see and do. There’s a variety of public transportation options and it’s a very walkable city, so save some money and take the scenic route instead of driving or taking an Uber everywhere. Explore the CBD (Central Business District) as it’s the hotspot for tons of bars, cafes and other hip eateries (for every budget!), plus tons of street art and food markets. Go see the penguins at St. Kilda’s beach or get out of town for a hike in one of Victoria’s many parks. Some of the major sights and museums in Melbourne—like the National Gallery or the Royal Botanic Gardens—are free, too.

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