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Steeped in history and boasting some incredible natural wonders, Israel is a fascinating country and a melting pot of culture, making it an incredible destination for students and non-students alike! Even better, our cheap student flights can get you there for less.

When it comes to the main cities, there are two to choose from: Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. (Whether or not the latter is actually part of Israel depends on who you ask: the US recognizes it as the Israeli capital; the UK doesn’t even recognize it as part of Israel. It’s complicated.) Regardless, both cities are incredible destinations. And besides these two cities, there’s lots to see.

One of the top attractions in Israel is the Dead Sea, which is so ridiculously salinated nothing can live there (hence the name) but things can certainly float eerily atop it—namely, you. Archaeology and history buffs will love Masada National Park, which contains the ancient ruins of King Herod’s Palace, and pretty much all of Jerusalem’s Old City, where you’ll find the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and the Dome of the Rock. So what are you waiting for? Keep reading for more tips on planning your trip to Israel!

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What are the main Israel airport hubs?

Ben Gurion International Airport is the main airport hub into which international tourists fly, and it serves the capital city of Tel Aviv. It also services the cities of Jerusalem and Gush Dan. Other airports Haifa Airport and Ramon Airport, though it’s unlikely you’ll end up in either of these when flying from the US.

How to fly from the US to Israel

Israel is about halfway around the world from the US, which means it’s a bit of a journey to get there. From New York, you can take a direct flight to Tel Aviv in about 10 hours flat, but from LA your trip time will clock in at closer to 14 hours. Luckily, there are direct flights to Israel from both coasts, from cities like New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Chicago. If you’re flying from a smaller airport, you’ll likely have a connection along the way.

The most popular airlines for flights from the US to Israel include United Airlines, El Al Airlines and Turkish Airlines, among others.

When is the best time to fly to Israel?

The best times to visit Israel are in the spring (April-May) and autumn (October-November), when temperatures are at their most comfortable (about 75°F on average). During the height of summer, the country can become uncomfortably hot, and it can be hard to truly appreciate sites of cultural interest when you’re sweating like Niagra Falls.

When is the cheapest time to book a flight from the US to Israel?

Avgprice JanFebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDecDate of search $200$300$400$500$600$700$800$900$1000$1100$1200

Prices based on bookings made 60-91 days prior to departure.

Why do American students love visiting Israel?

Israel is a fascinating country and any students of history, religion or politics will find plenty here to keep them interested. The student scene in places like Tel Aviv is buzzing and energetic. Plus, the country is perfectly manageable to explore on a budget, too.

israel univeristies and campuses

Israel universities and campuses

There are eight universities in Israel and many of them are ranked among the top 1000 in the world. Some of these include the Israel Institute of Technology, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, the Weizmann Institute of Science, Bar-ilan University, Tel Aviv University and the University of Haifa. There’s plenty of international student placements available, and your home university might have study abroad options here for you as well.

israeli lifestyle and culture

Israeli lifestyle and culture

Israel is made up of a multicultural society and the main religions are Judaism, Christiantiy and Islam. Most of the population adopt a secular lifestyle, and when it comes to LGBT rights, Israel is one of the most tolerant countries in the Middle East. Israeli people tend to be very open and hospitable, so you’ll likely be greeted warmly and treated very hospitably at any store or restaurant you visit. It’s the birthplace of Jewish culture, but it’s also incredibly diverse and home to both modern Westernized and traditional customs and ways of life.

visit israel on a student budget

Exploring Israel on a student budget

Exploring Israel on a student budget is absolutely doable if you’re careful. The country is full of thriving markets, in which cheap (and delicious) food and drink can always be found, so opt for those over shops and restaurants where possible. Plenty of the country's top attractions are free (it doesn’t cost anything to float in the Dead Sea!), so make the most of those too. Visiting many of Israel’s historical and archeological sites is a must as well, and won’t cost you a fortune, either!

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