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Guangzhou is considered to be a global city of Asia, being a major hub in the global economic system with a substantial amount of tourists and visitors from other countries. To say the least: this is a busy and bustling city. Guangzhou has a rich history and culture to learn about and engage with when exploring the different sites this city has to offer. There is no shortage of beautiful temples, pagodas, gardens and greenhouses. Some of the most beautiful traditional Chinese architecture and art can be found in this metropolis–but that is not to say that the more modern architectural feats aren’t impressive! And the food...the food. Guangzhou has more restaurants than any other city in China, and when trying their Cantonese cuisine you’ll never want to have to eat any other type of food again!

There is no reason to delay your booking flight to Guangzhou. StudentUniverse has cheap flights for you to have an adventure in Guangzhou without worrying about breaking the bank. All that’s left for you to do is book your flight, pack your bags and fly to Guangzhou! Whether an adventure or your family is there waiting for you, you'll be happy when you land knowing you got the best flight deal.

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Tips for visiting Guangzhou

Guangzhou Airports: Guangzhou International Airport is Guangzhou’s major airport. It is the third busiest airport in all of China and is a major hub for China Southern Airlines (a StudentUniverse partner!). It hosts many other airlines in its terminals as well, including other StudentUniverse partner airlines like Air China and Hainan Airlines. Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport is also within 50 miles of Guangzhou and has a different variety of airlines as well as also being a hub for China Southern Airlines, Air China and Hainan Airlines.

Top Airlines flying to Guangzhou: The top airline flying to Guangzhou is Cathay Pacific, who has won StudentUniverse’s Best Trans-Pacific Airline Award in 2015 and 2016, and even the award for Best Airline overall in 2016. They have teamed up with StudentUniverse to provide students with the best flight deals, but if your needs aren’t met by Cathay Pacific, China Southern Airlines, Air China, United Airlines and Hainan Airlines are all popular airlines when flying to Guangzhou. All these airlines are dedicated, along with StudentUniverse, to giving college students the best travel experiences they can at the cheapest prices.

Tips for booking cheap flights to Guangzhou: Besides booking with StudentUniverse and taking advantage of our student discounts, there are a few ways to save money. Do your best to avoid peak travel times (such as holidays), seeing as peak travel times also mean peak prices. However, if traveling during peak travel times is unavoidable, book early to save as much money as you can. Book early enough and you’ll beat out everyone else for the best prices. Have flexible departure and return dates so that way you can arrange your schedule in the cheapest way possible.

Things to do in Guangzhou: Take a ride up to the observation deck of Canton Tower–the fourth tallest tower in the world–and get the most beautiful view of the city. Explore the historic colonial Shamian Island and see old-world religious buildings, bronze statues and public gardens with lots of banyan trees. The Chen Clan Ancestral Hall is an academic temple that was used for Qing Dynasty’s 19th century imperial exams. Admire beautiful art, pottery and wood carvings within this traditional temple. If you want a bit more fun, check out Chimelong Resort for a safari park/zoo, water park, amusement park, international circus, crocodile park and more.