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Chicago, that legendary city of the Midwest, is a city that feels massive, but also feels small and quaint and charming all at the same time. Fly to Chicago, and you’ll find neighborhoods of towering skyscrapers that’ll make you dizzy, and neighborhoods that feel small and intimate. There are streets that have huge department stores and high-end shopping, and streets that are lined with great dive bars, breakfast joints, and boutiques. Chicago seems to be all about balance, and if you visit Chicago, you quickly get why. The Windy City has it all covered.

Book a cheap flight to Chicago for a fresh and unique type of getaway. Take a quick look at our USA Travel Guide to compare Chicago to other top US cities. There’s nothing like exploring a city, and Chicago has so much to discover. Seeing Lake Michigan for the first time is a real shocker; it looks so big, it might as well be the ocean. The more touristy attractions, like the Hancock tower, Millennium Park, and Navy Pier, are well worth checking out.

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