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The small town southern charm hasn’t left this major city, instead merging seamlessly with the new cosmopolitan and chic culture on the rise in Charlotte. Always fresh and unique, Charlotte reinvents itself continuously with a new cycle of restaurants, bars, entertainment, activities and people. Charlotte has lots of students and recent post grads in the area, so with such a young population the nightlife stays exciting. Charlotte is one of the fastest growing cities in the US right now, even outstripping cities like New York City. The new students and post grads making Charlotte their home bring a foreign energy while the remaining locals keep the hospitality present.

Charlotte has so many new and growing elements of city life yet is still close enough to mountains and oceans for our outdoorsy adventurers to plan day trips. It has the best of both worlds in so many different ways. You can check out glam night clubs like Suite and Rooftop 210 with outdoor patios after a day of hiking around Lake Norman (only 45 minutes apart). You can’t go wrong with any of Lake Norman’s trails, but the Alder Trail is one of the most popular because of its low difficulty level and proximity to the most beautiful parts of the lake.

StudentUniverse offers cheap flights to Charlotte for students searching for discounts. Whether you go to school in the area, call Charlotte your home or are landing at the Charlotte Douglas International Airport as a stopover on your travels—we have cheap prices to get you to this ever evolving city.

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