EVA Air Student Discount

Asia is Closer Than You Think

EVA Air and StudentUniverse have teamed up to provide you the best student discounts on airfare. Study abroad, vacation, backpacking— whatever your reason for travel, EVA Air and StudentUniverse will get you there cheap and easy.

Features of Flying EVA Air

Cabin Classes

Enjoy a luxurious and relaxing space no matter which class you book. Using memory cushion and an ergonomic design, each seat is made to be extremely comfortable.

Dining Onboard

Choose from a wide range of tasty and healthy meals. Flying during breakfast time? Ask your flight attendant to try Chinese rice porridge!

Excellent Service

EVA Air’s flight attendants are happy to help with any problem or special request.

Baggage Information

Baggage fees and policies differ per ticket type. For more information, be sure to check out their baggage information page.

Connect in Taiwan, Connect with Taiwan

Fly with Eva Air and StudentUniverse, and experience Taiwan!