It’s the middle of winter and you are already dreaming of warm beaches and palm trees. Not to mention you really want to show off that new bathing suit that you got for Christmas. But while the majority of students are heading off to Panama City Beach or Cancun, why not take the road less traveled and go on an alternative spring break? Spring break destinations are only as limited as you think they are. Really, there’s no end to great places you can go and do. Why not volunteer somewhere exotic, like Islandmorada, FL, or take a kayaking adventure through canyon rivers? 

1. Volunteer.

What could be more fulfilling than helping people or the environment while having fun? Instead of chilling on a beach, why not spend the week at a beach helping marine animals or working to build homes for disaster victims? Head down to the Keys in Florida for some fun in the sun and a chance to help sea turtles. There are lots of National Parks, beaches, cafés, and a great art scene. Plus, if you volunteer there, you will get a “local look” at life in the Keys.

volunteer spring break

2. Go Down Under—No, Really Underground!

If you’re not ready for a trip to the beach, start an adventure: visit a cavern, hunt for waterfalls or go caving! Check with your school for a club that is centered on outdoor pursuits or extreme sports to find something catered towards beginners. Often, clubs will organize extended trips for spring break. You’d be surprised at how much adventure you can find right in your own backyard.

spring break ideas outdoor

3. Stay Local.

Speaking of backyards, sometimes the coolest things to see are right under your nose. If you go to school in a large city or are near one, go exploring. Many times college students don’t get a chance to do touristy things, so spring break is a good time to go discover why people actually visit your city. Don’t forget your student ID card—you can get some great student rates on local attractions and events. Wander without a map and get lost to see what you will discover. Visit local markets and sample everything or visit a local restaurant you’ve been wanting to try. The nice thing about staying close: you’ll save money by not having to pay for a hotel.

spring break ideas city

4. Become a History Hunter.

Take off and discover some history! So many people never get to learn the history of their country, so spring break is an awesome chance to do so. If you are in the United States, visit Washington D.C., Williamsburg, VA or Boston, MA. If you’re in Europe, take advantage of student rates and visit castles and historical sites. Discover the history of a monarchy and learn about kings and queens. Who knows, you might discover something amazing!

spring break ideas history

5. Go Camping.

Hit the wilderness with a few friends and unwind in the great outdoors. Find a National Park near you and spend the nights roasting marshmallows and the days hiking. Check with friends any of your local friends and see if you can scrounge up any camping gear to borrow. If not, have everyone pitch in to get low-cost camping gear. Cannoning, biking, hiking, and fishing are just some of the many fun activities there are to do.

camping spring break ideas

Spring break options are unlimited. Dream big and think outside of the box, and you’ll come home with amazing memories. Search for cheap spring break flights on our website and get going!


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