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Washington, DC is a spot you can’t miss out on. I mean, it is the capital of the US after all! And paired with our cheap flights to Washington, DC there is no reason to not visit. This bustling city is as cosmopolitan as they come since both the tourist attractions and political sphere attracts visitors from all over the world. Washington, DC truly has it all: history, monuments, arts and nightlife. Considered one of the most walkable cities in the US, there is very little you can’t do or see just by setting out on your own two feet.

StudentUniverse has flight deals to Washington, DC to help you get home for cheap or to have an affordable weekend getaway. With such a wide array of sites and events to check out, it can be difficult knowing just where to begin, even if you’re from the area. Here is a quick travel guide to help you figure out just what it is you would like to do during your time in DC.

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