Sydney is currently thriving as a tourism hot-spot for people of all backgrounds! It was just voted as the second most desirable holiday destination in the world to visit. As a student, sometimes finances dictate which places you visit, but you can seek out local expert knowledge! You can explore Sydney on a budget, which offers peace of mind and greater incentive to jet off. In this article, travel website iVenture Card will be unlocking the secrets to cheaper travel. You’ll see the best of Sydney without spending lots on tours, attractions, activities and even a bite to eat.

Sydney travel is cheaper on a Sunday

Seeing Sydney’s beautiful landscapes and breath-taking views on a budget may seem like an impossible challenge. However, what if we told you that you could explore all of this and more for less? Journeys within Sydney are capped at AUD$2.60 on a Sunday, which makes for an unbelievable deal if you want to see all the major sights without those ticket costs adding up throughout the week. With a capped travel card you can make your way to flagship attractions such as the Blue Mountains, the serene nature of Hunter Valley or the Manly waves – and all for the price of a single ticket.


A multi-attraction pass cuts entry fee costs

There is an abundance of exhilarating and eye-catching attractions all throughout the Sydney CBD and in the wider rural regions. Highlights include the city tours, ocean cruises, theme parks and attractions like the Sydney Aquarium, Tower Eye and Taronga Zoo. The diversity of Sydney’s attractions is what makes it an impressive tourist hub, but experiencing all of it can cost a fair bit. This is where a multi-pass can help. You can visit multiple attractions at a discounted rate. Local tourism vendors such as iVenture Card can remedy the pain of forking out that extra change by providing flexible passes to make room for budgeting. Extra bonuses such as skip-the-line privileges may also be included to add that cherry-on-top. All the major attractions are included and can even include discounts and coupons for restaurants, bars and much more.


The free things to do are always fun

For first-time Sydney-goers, activities such as scaling the Sydney Harbour Bridge or attending a Sydney Opera House show are on any to-do list. However, there is a wide array of free spots for first-timers to visit for a memorable day in Sydney.  Regardless of occasion, event or location, Sydney is sunny for most of the year and caters to outdoor events beautifully. Take Bondi Beach as the ultimate free experience–this sandy shore is so famous it even has its own reality TV show! Beyond the pristine views and warm waters, there’s always local culture and amenities to explore.

If you’re looking for something else then how about a hike in Sydney Harbour National Park? If you fall short on inspiration, here is are some cheap things to do in Sydney to help you weigh your options.  


Eating on the cheap is never a chore

The food scope of Sydney is abundant in all sorts of flavors and cuisines. From five-star restaurants to vintage street-stalls, Sydney’s eateries are just bursting with flavor and welcome all foodies to come and enjoy. Luckily, Sydney also has the best deals for food enthusiasts to grab a hold of. Voucher hubs such as Spreets, Lunchalot, and Groupon hold a range of offers and taster menus for you to use. Whether you like high-end, premium dining or bars and cafes, most venues advertise last-minute deals on these sites. If you’re looking to spend the day with your loved one trying low-key cuisine then be sure to visit weekend market stalls and booths to treat your taste buds. Still lost? Don’t worry – here’s a list of some popular restaurants and cafes in Sydney to drool over!

Shared accommodation is all the rage

Searching for local accommodation can be tedious and even scary when seeing some of the prices. One solution that both saves on cost and offers a fun experience is to buddy up with fellow travelers. Did you know that Sydney is home to over 100 hostels and affordable accommodation sites? Each has its own style and character where you can enjoy the benefits of a communal environment, such as making new friends day and night, and learning tips for where to go and what to see from first hand research. The daily saving of a hostel over a hotel or B&B stay can soon make the difference when it comes to assigning your budget for attractions and eating out. Be sure to glance at a few reviews and recommendations to help you find the housing that sits right for you and your wallet. For all you know, your next travel-buddy is one click away!

Sydney is definitely an irresistible travel destination with so much to see and experience down under. You won’t be whittling your bank account down to nothing so long as you stick to these budget tips. Lucky for you, we even have great deals on flights to keep that spending low from arrival to departure!

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Tom Willis is a digital marketing consultant and seasoned traveller. He enjoys sharing ideas and tips for discovering new places and experiences.


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