Weekend Getaway in Sydney, Australia: My #happyplace



There is no place in the world quite like Sydney, Australia. The combination of stunning natural beauty and the energy of one of the biggest cities in the world, boasting some of the planet’s most recognizable landmarks, is unparalleled. The place truly does have something for everyone – it’s paradise!

While spending a few months in Newcastle, a city just a couple hours north of Sydney, I had the privilege of meeting up with one of my best friends from home who was studying abroad in Queensland. We only had a couple days to spend together, but we made them count and made it into a weekend getaway in Sydney! It was one of my favorite memories of my time in Australia, and it was actually a pretty affordable weekend. It was fairly easy to hit all the major sites in just two days without feeling rushed.

We started at Central Station, since we both took the train in, which is a very affordable way to get around Australia. You can get an unlimited “MyMulti Day Pass” for $22 that will get you on any train, bus, or ferry in Sydney for a whole day. This is a must for visiting the sites that are a little further from the Sydney Harbour area. We only got this pass for the second day, as there is enough to see within walking distance of the Sydney Harbour to fill a day and enough in bus, train, or ferry distance to fill another. It ended up working out perfectly. (more…)