New South Wales is the travel junkie’s mecca for adventure. With activities ranging from lounging on the pristine beaches to cage diving with great white sharks, New South Wales has everything you need.

Read on to discover just some of the reasons why New South Wales is a place unlike any other; where you can step outside your comfort zone and live life on the edge.


Trying to get that blood pumping? Look no further. While visiting the capital of New South Wales, Sydney, climb the Sydney Harbor Bridge for breathtaking and panoramic views of the cityscape. Choose between a daytime, dusk and nighttime climb for however you wish to experience Sydney.

Then, check out one of Australia’s picture-perfect beaches from a birds-eye view when you skydive at Wollongong beach. A peaceful hot air balloon ride over the outback is another way to take in these overhead views of New South Wales. The adventure doesn’t stop there. You can also cage dive with the great white sharks, rock climb along a cliff, zipline through a rainforest and explore the Jenolan caves.


If the Aussie adventures make your stomach turn over, there are plenty of bucket list worthy leisure activities for you to choose from. Join a blissful and rejuvenating yoga retreat at the beautiful Byron Bay, spend a day at the spas in Sydney or get your tan on at some of the most scenic beaches in the world. Just a few include:

  • Hyams Beach
  • Bondi Beach
  • Palm Beach


Fresh fruit and seafood are just a couple of the wonderful benefits of a coastal destination. You can’t leave without trying the oysters. The town of Orange is a foodie’s heaven. The streets are lined with wineries, bistros and cafes that provide a taste of the many New South Wales flavors. The aesthetically-pleasing hipster coffee shops and cafes known to Aussie don’t hurt either. Some of our favorites are:

  • Celsius Coffee Co
  • Porch & Parlour
  • Paramount Coffee Project


Wine and cheese pairing or a pasta making class all in one? Sign me up.

Take a tour through Hunter Valley to experience its more than 120 wineries. Most offer vineyard tours and wine tastings. We also recommend taking a cooking class, offered at some of the finest restaurants in wine country. Be sure to taste the regional red wine, Shiraz, and white wine, Semillion for the authentic Hunter Valley experience.


Where are our animal lovers? The wildlife in New South Wales is unparalleled to anything you’ve ever seen before. We know a selfie with koalas and kangaroos are on that bucket list of yours. Check out Pebbly Beach to see kangaroos in the wild and Blue Mountains to see kangaroos, wallabies and even parrots.

Don’t forget about our friends down under! During migration season, humpback whales can be seen making their way from Antarctica. Your best chances to catch this magical sight is from Byron Bay or Port Stephens. You might even get a bonus glimpse at some bottle neck dolphins.

If you’re looking to get real up close and personal, book a scuba diving or snorkeling safari. Is that you, Nemo?

The Great Outdoors  

Feeling outdoorsy? New South Wales has a vast landscape including the outback, rainforests, beaches and mountains, meaning there are so many experiences for you to knock off the bucket list.

The Blue Mountains offer the full package so that you can kill a few bucket list items with one stone. Wentworth Falls, Three Sisters rock formation, Giant Stairway and Echo Point are just some of the attractions that will give you a reason to breathe some fresh air and look away from your screens for a bucket list worthy experience.

Whether you’re looking to sea kayak, go sand boarding at Port Stephens sand dunes or learn how to surf from the world pros, New South Wales is the place to be to see Mother Nature around the globe.

That view doe

The views around New South Wales will leave you speechless and with memories to last a lifetime. Take a picture to save it for later. Some personal favorites include the Sydney Opera House, sunsets at Byron Bay, the views Sydney Harbour Bridge at night and Hassan’s Wall, just to name a few. You don’t need to hear it from us though, go out and experience them for yourself.

Life is short. Check New South Wales and all of its adventures off your bucket list. Go while you’re under 26 and you can still qualify for StudentUniverse discounted flights. We’re here to help you accomplish all of your (travel) bucket list dreams.

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