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Breaking the Mold

Air Europa is the first of its kind of airline. They've shown great dedication to the environment and are one of only a few airlines who hold the EMAS certification from the European Commission. EMAS certification means Air Europa is dedicated to continuously improve their environmental performance. They’re the only airline in the world to participate in the first phase of the AIRE Oceanic Program, which aims to reduce emissions on transatlantic flights. Air Europa established an Environmental and Quality Management System based on sustainability, continuing improvement, client satisfaction and the participation of all staff.

Air Europa doesn't stop with environmental responsibility, they also partake in corporate social responsibility. They're a member of the Global Compact, the largest corporate citizenship initiative in the world. They’re committed to bringing its strategies and operations into line with the ten universally accepted principles in the fields of human rights, labour, the environment and anti-corruption.

Wondering about flight experience with Air Europa? At Air Europa, the comfort of passengers comes first. From roomy Economy seats to unlimited entertainment to tasty meals on long-haul flights, every need of the passenger is met in a thoughtful manner. Air Europa is one of the most punctual airlines in the world, making them greatly reliable.

So you need a flight to or from Europe? Fly with an airline that's breaking the mold and cares about the world. Book your flight with Air Europa now and be a part of the change.

Explore Europe and the World

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Features of Flying Air Europa

In-flight Videos

Have you missed out on the latest comedies, dramas, and action-packed movies? With Air Europa, you can be sure to choose from the latest films on all intercontinental flights.

On Board Press

For those who are interested in catching up on the latest news and celebrity gossip, pick up a copy of your favorite national or international newspaper or magazine.

In-flight Sales Service

No need to wait until you land to hit the duty-free shops! Browse through their online shop to make purchases while in flight!

Baggage Information

Baggage fees and policies differ per ticket type. For more information, be sure to check out their baggage information page.

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