Our Team

: Global Managing Director

Mike Cleary

Global Managing Director

Mike joined StudentUniverse in 2011 and is responsible for the commercial strategy and development of the company. During his 20+ years in the travel industry, he has owned and sold a ski tour company and an educational tour company. Prior to his role at StudentUniverse, Mike was in charge of sales and business development for Ski.com, the largest provider of mountain travel in North America. Prior to Ski.com, he led EF College Break (a division of EF Educational Tours). Mike loves spending time with his wife and three daughters. He is also an avid skier and fisherman.

: Senior Vice President, Finance

Cindy Cox

Senior Vice President, Finance

Affectionately known as “The Principal”, Cindy joined StudentUniverse as Controller just prior to launching our first online presence in April 2000. Cindy built the accounting and finance departments from the ground up and now manages finance, accounting and HR as CFO of our global organization. When not crunching numbers, Cindy tries to find time to spend with her husband and often gets tackled by her two young sons in the suburbs, where she enjoys gardening and channeling her inner Martha Stewart (the creative one, not the crook) on various projects around the house.

: Senior Vice President, Operations

Chad Mooney

Senior Vice President, Operations

Chad is responsible for making sure our website and service works the way we want it to. He grew up in central Indiana (Frankfort- home of the Hot Dogs), and got his B.S. from Indiana University-Bloomington in 2000. After receiving his degree, Chad lived in Cork, Ireland for a while before moving to Boston in 2001. He had no job, but wanted to be close to his lifelong favorite baseball team – the Boston Red Sox. Chad joined the StudentUniverse team in 2002, and has held positions in many departments over the years. He loves sports, Las Vegas, relaxing vacations where there is possibility for some culture (hates Cancun, but loves Costa Rica) and spending time with his 2 young daughters.

: General Manager, Digital Commerce

Paul Jacobs

General Manager, Digital Commerce

Paul joined StudentUniverse in 2008 to develop new business partnerships and opportunities. He graduated with honors from Bentley University majoring in Business Management with concentrations in Entrepreneurship and Marketing. At StudentUniverse, Paul works to continue the growth of our business and the strategic partners that we work and collaborate with. Paul caught the travel bug back in college while studying abroad in Italy and continues to take every opportunity to explore new places.

: Junior Software Engineer


Junior Software Engineer

Alexander joined StudentUniverse as a Junior Software Engineer in 2016. He earned a degree in Civil Engineering from Aachen University in Germany and spent the first decade of his career in Engineering Services in Germany and Spain. He built a webapp to connect people watching soccer at home and after moving to the US turned this into a profession, developing a meetup platform at SipLink, Inc. When he's not working, Alexander enjoys traveling to visit family and friends in Germany, Spain and California.

: Website Operations Analyst


Website Operations Analyst

Alexandra joined StudentUniverse as a QA Analyst in 2016. Born and raised in southern Russia, she graduated with a degree in International Relations. From early childhood, her parents impressed upon her a love for the English language and foreign cultures. Growing up, she had hopes that her future career would involve English, computers and travel, making StudentUniverse a great fit for her. After moving to US, Alexandra discovered that detecting software flaws and quality assurance were one of the things she is passionate about. Prior to joining StudentUniverse, she was a part of the dedicated QA team at the Boston Globe. When not in the office Alexandra prefers outdoor activities and is a big fan of fitness and a healthy lifestyle as well as traveling and trying international cuisines. Her favorite travel spots are Miami and O'ahu and dream destinations are Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires.

: Vice President, Business Intelligence


Vice President, Business Intelligence

Amy joined StudentUniverse in 2004, and prior to her current role as data junkie, she lead the development, customer service, product sourcing and product management teams. So, she knows what's happening all over StudentUniverse. She is the only one at StudentUniverse with 'intelligence' on her business card - she spends hours figuring out how to get what students want to students when they want it. Amy got her B.A. at Dartmouth College and her masters degree at University of Michigan. Her degree at Michigan was Master of Information - something her mom liked to mention during all conversation pauses.

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Vice President, Marketing

Andre joined StudentUniverse in 2017 to lead the marketing and advertising teams with the organization. He first got introduced to the world of online travel at CheapOair.com where he lead business development, multiple marketing channels, and the growth strategy that helped propel them into becoming one of most visited OTA’s in the US. He left travel for a while when joining companies like Shutterstock and Oracle, but ultimately decided that this was the industry for him and came back. Andre was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY and is a diehard NY Knicks fan (sadly). Him and his wife love to travel as much as possible. Together they’ve visited a lot of places, but their favorites so far have been Cairo, Egypt and Santorini, Greece. Next on the bucket list for them is Southern Italy, Croatia, and Dubai. Andre also really likes his dog Max (he’s an exceptionally cute Shiba Inu).

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Software Engineer

Ankur joined StudentUniverse as a Software Engineer in 2016. He was born and raised in Mumbai, India until he came to the US to get his Masters degree. Prior to joining StudentUniverse, he worked at Intuit. He enjoys the four seasons he experiences living on the East Coast. When he isn't working, he spends time with family and works on his tennis, ping pong and cricket games. He also enjoys cooking, road trips and binge watching movies and TV shows.

: Senior Software Engineer


Senior Software Engineer

Anton received a Bachelor's in Computer Science and Business from Northeastern University. He's worked in the financial industry in Boston and NY as well as a tech start-up in San Francisco and London. Anton is an entrepreneurship enthusiast and in 2012 started a company to help college students exchange textbooks. Originally from the Ukraine, travel is in his DNA and he's joined a company that specializes in just that. When he's not slinging code he enjoys being outdoors and playing a variety of sports.

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Vice President, Customer Care Center

Antonio joined StudentUniverse in 2007 with more than 20 years in both airlines and student travel experience in Customer Service. Antonio loves traveling and exploring archaeological and historical wonders listed in the Unesco World Heritage sites like Bagan, Myanmar, Angkor Wat, Cambodia, Hoi An in Vietnam to name a few. While at complete awe with his explorations, he feasts his palate with the gastronomical richness of country's culinary and savors each bite with delight. Antonio is a strong believer of the fundamentals of UNESCO to protect history against human destruction and preserve for future generations.

: Team Leader


Team Leader

Ariana joined the Travel Services team as Team Leader in 2016. Prior to joining StudentUniverse, she spent a number of years as an International Program consultant at ACIS. Ariana traveled internationally for the first time at the age one one to Bolivia, where her mother is from. After her Junior year of college she lived in Beijing, China where she worked as a Head English teacher at a GLOBAL IELTS school in Beijing. Next up on her bucket list is Morocco.

: Chairman



Atle joined StudentUniverse in 2005 and led the business development and marketing teams for several years. He then served as CEO from 2012 to 2016. Today, Atle serves as Chairman of StudentUniverse and Chief Digital Officer of the Flight Centre Travel Group. Having grown up in Norway, you would think he would not mind the cold Boston winters - think again. Atle loves whiteboards, digital business and good wine. Atle received his undergraduate degree from The Norwegian School of Management - B.I. and his graduate degree from Boston University.

: Vice President, Travel Services


Vice President, Travel Services

Brad brings nearly 25 years of student and group travel experience to the Travel Services (Groups) department. Before joining StudentUniverse, he worked for a large student tour operator, negotiating airline prices and seat allocations for hundreds of thousands of students. Recently, Brad returned home to Boston after living and working for several years in Switzerland, where he learned to make a mean rösti.

: Travel Specialist


Travel Specialist

Candice Chen joined StudentUniverse as a Travel Specialist in 2016. She relocated to Boston from Taiwan when she perused her Master's Degree in Integrated Marketing & Communication at Emerson College. She fell in love with the travel industry when she joined it a year ago. Candice also runs her own side business as a bridal makeup consultant & stylist on the weekends. In her spare time, Candice likes to watch TV series, like puppy photos on Instagram, and explore good coffee/dining spots in Boston.

: Director of Systems


Director of Systems

Carlos is the Director of Systems at StudentUniverse and has been part of the team for eight years. Carlos enjoys working and playing with computers and technology (software and hardware). Prior to joining StudentUniverse, Carlos served in the Army as a medic, and Air Force as IT support'. Born in the Dominican Republic, Carlos came to the US at age 15. In his free time, Carlos enjoys drawing, nature, music of all kinds, spending time with his German Shepherd and traveling - Carlos has visited 25 countries to date!

: Marketing Automation Manager


Marketing Automation Manager

Catie joined StudentUniverse as a Marketing Automation Manager in 2016. Prior to joining StudentUniverse, Catie worked in Marketing Software at Hubspot for 4.5 years after a brief stint in finance in New York after graduating from college. Skiing and spending time at her vacation home in Vermont is Catie's favorite pastime. Catie gradated from the University of Massachusetts Isenberg School of Management.

: Graphic Designer


Graphic Designer

Corey is a Web Designer and Developer who joined StudentUniverse to implement the latest in Web design, technologies and standards. With a degree in Graphic Design and two years of hands-on experience, Corey brings HTML5, CSS3, Wordpress, Drupal, Adobe Creative Suite and CMS knowledge to his role as Graphic Designer. New Zealand and Japan are at the top of Corey's bucket list. In his free time, he loves extreme sports and playing tabletop and video games with friends. Corey hopes to create his own games someday.

: Travel Specialist


Travel Specialist

Crista has been a part of the Travel Services team for six years, and has been with StudentUniverse for a decade. She worked as part of our customer care team before transitioning over to travel services. Crista graduated from Lasell College, located in Newton, MA, with a B.S. in Hospitality Management. Crista has been traveling internationally since she was 2, a few of her favorite places are London, Italy and San Diego.

: Human Resources Director


Human Resources Director

Crystal joined StuentUniverse as Human Resources Director in 2016. She bring over 10 years of experience in HR and Recruiting, most recently at Sokolove Law and d50 Media. Her first time out of the country was a trip to Spain with her high school Spanish class, and she was hooked on travel after that. She has also studied abroad in Australia, road tripped around Ireland, cruised around the Caribbean, visited Munich for Oktoberfest, hiked the Austrian Alps, cheered on the Patriots at Lambeau and last year she went on a camping trip through Kenya and Tanzania where she fulfilled her lifelong dream of going on Safari.

employee_dale_wiggins: Lead Architect / Development Manager


Lead Architect / Development Manager

Originally an architecture major at UMiami, Dale shifted to Computer Science at UMass Dartmouth. He started his career as a web designer, but quickly transitioned to web development, and joined StudentUniverse in 2001. He was the chief developer responsible for the main web site for many years. Currently, he is engaged in designing new applications for StudentUniverse. Dale’s proudest moment at StudentUniverse was leading its dodgeball team to victory in 2004. When he's not writing beautiful code Dale likes to play volleyball and, of course, travel.

: Head of UK Marketing & Business Development


Head of UK Marketing & Business Development

Dan joined StudentUniverse in 2013 to lead the marketing efforts as StudentUniverse expanded into the UK. After graduating, Dan started his career in the travel industry at Thomas Cook where he worked on a number of high-profile projects over four years. He's a big traveller having visited six of the seven continents, and has plans to complete the set with a trip to Antarctica in the future. In his spare time, Dan is a keen triathlete, cyclist, cricketer and footballer and often combines this passion with travel as a recently completed 330 mile cycle from London to Amsterdam highlights.

: Quality Assurance Engineer


Quality Assurance Engineer

Dana came to StudentUniverse in 2012 with 17 years experience in Information Technology. He joined our QA team where he now gets to break things instead of fixing them. Unlike many of his coworkers, Dana lived his entire life in the Boston area where he graduated from UMass in 1996. When he's not working, he enjoys a sedentary lifestyle filled with TV, movies, music and unhealthy food.

: Public Relations Manager


Public Relations Manager

Danielle joined StudentUniverse in 2014 to build a public relations program from scratch. Prior to StudentUniverse, Danielle spent the first ​chapter of her career in high-tech agency public relations​. Her career began at at BluePoint Venture Marketing​ before she helped launch ThinkMedia PARTNERS (​which was acquired by Matter Communications) and then ​she ​spent three years as an account manager at fama PR in Boston. In these roles, Danielle successfully raised the profile of both early stage and multi-billion dollar tech companies in the US and abroad. Danielle caught the travel bug during her semester abroad at the Copenhagen Business School and continues to travel the world​ as often as possible​. Danielle graduated from Bentley University with a BS in Marketing.

: Mobile Application Developer


Mobile Application Developer

Emiliano joined the mobile team at StudentUniverse in 2015, helping us develop our great apps while using always the latest technologies on the market. He grew up in Argentina where he graduated as a Software Engineer. Very interested in the mobile world, he has created a number of apps over the last several years. In his free time he enjoys spending time with family, listening to music and having a cold beer with friends. He loves to travel and learn about every culture in the world.

: Director, Travel Services, StudentUniverse UK


Director, Travel Services, StudentUniverse UK

Eric has worked in the student travel business for a decade (makes him sound older than he really is). Back in those ye olde days, plane tickets could be handwritten on paper, and the internet was still ‘new’. Since then, he’s been hopping from one continent to the next, while helping others do the same.

: Senior Software Engineer


Senior Software Engineer

Eric grew up in upstate New York and went to school at University of Buffalo for BS in Computer Science. Before joining our Development team, Eric previously worked in Industrial Process Automation, Health Care industry, and development of CASE tools. He loves building things. He helped build his parents' underground house. Eric traveled to most of the US and reached the summit of the highest mountains in New York, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts. He also did some traveling to Canada, England, Netherlands, and India. Besides his passion for building things, Eric likes corvettes, golf, hiking, and spending time with his wife and daughters, one of which is currently in college and the other is in her senior year of high school.

: Website Operations Analyst


Website Operations Analyst

Erin graduated from from Mount Holyoke College in 1997 with a B.S. in Anthropology. After college, she pulled pints in London and traveled around Ireland before returning home to Boston to get a "real" job. In 2001, she moved to Scotland for a year with her husband and came back to Boston in 2002, which was when she started working for StudentUniverse. As part of the Website Operations team, Erin tests the website functionality to ensure customers have a positive experience. Outside of the office, Erin is an avid hiker and runner.

: Accounts Receivable Specialist


Accounts Receivable Specialist

Geovanna joined the Finance team at StudentUniverse in 2017 as an AR Specialist. Born and raised in Ecuador, she studied Economics there until she came to United States via an English language exchange program. After 8 years in Connecticut, she decided to shake it up and move to Massachusetts and is studying Forensic Accounting and Fraud Examination. Geovanna enjoys playing soccer in the spring and fresh water fishing in the summer, still relishing the 16 lb Blue Fish she caught in the Connecticut River.

: Website Operations Manager


Website Operations Manager

Hannah is part of the operations team managing our website. She grew up attending Petersfield School in the beautiful rolling countryside of Hampshire, England. Later, she studied business and fashion design at Chichester Arts and Technology College. Her first proper job was working in HR for a charity, which she really enjoyed, but as the Brit puts it: “I hankered for sunnier climates!”. So after college, she travelled India and Europe, and worked in Portugal for 4 years. Travel alongside food is a huge passion, with a life goal to see the world.

: Senior Manager, Programmatic Marketing


Senior Manager, Programmatic Marketing

Henry earned his Bachelor's at the University of Massachusetts Isenberg School of Management in 2010. After graduating, he moved to Boston and jumped right into the world of internet marketing with a focus on paid search. In spring of 2014 he joined the StudentUniverse team to head paid search marketing initiatives. In his spare time, Henry indulges in the Boston's live music and makes frequent weekend trips up along the East Coast.

: QA Engineer


QA Engineer

Hetty joined StudentUniverse in November 2014 and her main responsibility is to create test automation. She came to the US in February 2014 to pursue her Master of Science in Computer Science. Before Hetty came to the US, she lived in Sydney, Australia for almost 6 years where she obtained her Bachelor of Science in Information Technology from University of Technology, Sydney (UTS) and worked for 2 years in National Australia Bank (NAB) as a Test Engineer. Hetty enjoys traveling and exploring new restaurants. Some of her other interests are swimming, ice skating, badminton and rocks climbing.

: Business Development Manager


Business Development Manager

Ilse joined the Travel Services team in 2014. She’s a Seattle native that caught the travel bug at age 6, and has had many international escapades since. Lately, more thrilling adventures include ice swimming in Finland, hiking in Northern Ireland, and scootering through Cambodia. After studying International Politics and French at the University of Montana, Ilse spent a year teaching English to elementary students (and drinking delicious red wine) in Southern France. In her free time she likes to experiment in the kitchen and enjoy the sunshine outdoors!

: Database Administrator


Database Administrator

Jayson joined StudentUniverse as a database administrator in 2016. Prior to joining the team, he acquired over 15 years experience working as a database engineer for Monster.com and National Public Radio. Jayson attended Northeastern University, earning a degree in political science with a concentration in law. When not in the office, Jayson is pounding the pavement trying to qualify for the Boston Marathon. He loves to travel, hike, ski, and shares these activities with his wife Melinda, young son Julian and has one more on the way.

: Software Engineer


Software Engineer

Jeff has been a Software Engineer at StudentUniverse since 2000. He is an avid golfer and lover of all things beef and bacon (washed down with a nice glass of box wine). He is also the reigning SU hamburger eating champ, devouring 7 half pound burgers. His favorite travel destination is the beautiful island of Aruba, where the weather, beaches, and golf are always perfect. (Jeff also wonders why his head barely fits in this picture)

: Travel Specialist


Travel Specialist

Jenny joined the Travel Services team in 2017, bringing years of experience in language learning and student travel with her. The daughter of a British Army officer, she started her globetrotting early, living in England, Germany, Gibraltar and Hong Kong, all before the age of 16. While she has visited every continent but Antarctica, Jenny would like to skip the 7th continent and instead visit the 16th US state, Tennessee, to see DollyWood as well as the Graceland home of the Elvis Presley.

: Marketing Manager


Marketing Manager

Jill joined the marketing team at StudentUniverse in 2016. She comes with both digital marketing and travel experience from her various roles at a Rhode Island based tour operator, Collette. She supports our partner campaigns as a Marketing Associate. In her free time, she enjoys country music and live concerts. In the summer, you will always find her at a show. She has traveled to various countries across North America, South America and Europe. Next on her bucket list is Iceland, Greece and South Africa.

: Partnership Coordinator


Partnership Coordinator

Jon joined StudentUniverse in 2017 as a Partnership Coordinator. He graduated from Boston University’s School of Management with a concentration in Marketing. Originally from Baltimore, Jon is a first generation American with strong Filipino roots who now considers himself a Bostonian. A man of many talents, he enjoys singing and playing guitar, and moonlights as a DJ and karaoke host. Prior to joining the StudentUniverse family, he’s held a variety of jobs, from real estate agent, technical recruiter, mesothelioma paralegal, and occasional Uber driver. He has been to the Philippines multiple times but in the future hopes to backpack through Europe, go on an African safari, and party at the Full Moon Festival in Thailand.

: Staff Accountant


Staff Accountant

Jon joined StudentUniverse as a Staff Accountant in 2016. Since creation, Jon was born to work with numbers and do math as seen by anyone who knew him growing up in Upstate New York. (Just ask his parents or any of his former elementary school teachers). Naturally, Jon went to one of the best business schools in the country, Bentley College (and University) to receive both a Bachelor’s in Management and a Master’s in Accountancy afterwards. Jon’s favorite vacation spot is Las Vegas, but is open to traveling anywhere there is nice weather, a casino and anywhere he can keep tabs on sports, especially when it involves his favorite teams from Pittsburgh, where his parents and relatives are from. In his free time, Jon enjoys watching sports, movies, shows and listening to oldies music. Prior to joining StudentUniverse, Jon worked as a Financial Analyst with SunLife Financial in the investment finance department in Wellesley, MA.

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Desktop Support Technician

Justin is a quantum computing AI that was built by the highly gifted dev and QA team at StudentUniverse. When he came online on October 2014, he started assisting in troubleshooting and maintaining StudentUniverse's computer systems. Hobbies include calculating prime numbers, determining the meaning of life and world domination.

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Director of Operations, Travel Services

Karoline grew up in western Massachusetts and is a first generation American with family roots in Ecuador. Her unique upbringing includes learning Spanish at home while attending a Polish Catholic School for grades K-8. She has 12 years of experience working for EF Education in Boston and in Switzerland and loves to travel whenever she can.

: Systems Engineer


Systems Engineer

Kate joined Student Universe as a System Engineer in 2015. After graduating from the University of New Hampshire, Kate worked as a Linux Systems Admin supporting small international airlines. She has been flying since she was four years old, most recently her favorite adventure was getting lost in Venice. The next big trip on her must-see list is Greece and the Greek Islands.

: Jr. Front-End Engineer


Jr. Front-End Engineer

Katie joined StudentUniverse as a Junior Front-End Engineer in 2015. Prior to joining StudentUniverse, Katie designed websites for small businesses in the Boston area (which included branding, photography and marketing work). She graduated from Simmons College in Boston and grew up in Portland, Maine. In her spare time, Katie loves to cook, work her way through TV series and movies and teach herself new technologies.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Manager

Katie joined StudentUniverse in 2015 to manage SEO. Creative as well as competitive by nature, the challenge of solving complex issues through collaboration is what keeps her on her toes to thrive in this ever-changing field. Prior to joining StudentUniverse, Katie worked agency-side at agencies in New York, Portland, and Boston. She helped clients of all sizes to iterate their online presence to perform better in search engines. Katie was born and raised in Portland, Maine, and moved to Boston after studying Advertising and Sculpture at the University of Maine. When she can find the time she is in the ocean, in the woods, around the world, playing music, or blacksmithing.

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Accounting Manager

Katya joined the finance team at StudentUniverse in 2015. With more than a decade of accounting experience, she brings a balanced financial skill set coupled with a knack for process improvement. Born and raised in Russia, Katya traveled to the US to pursue her undergraduate and graduate degrees. After living in Oklahoma for 12 years, her family relocated to Massachusetts in 2010. When she's not in the office, Katya enjoys traveling, antiquing, reading, and spending time with her family. Her favorite travel destination is the White Night's Festival in Saint Petersburg.

: Chinese Market Development Associate


Chinese Market Development Associate

Kenneth joined the Travel Services Team after pursuing his master degree in communication from Emerson College. Having grown up in China, Kenneth has had many international living and learning experiences before coming to Boston. Being bilingual in Mandarin Chinese and English, Kenneth is passionate about empowering the Chinese-speaking youth to travel around the world.

: Paid Search Strategist


Paid Search Strategist

Kevin joined StudentUniverse as a Paid Search Strategist in 2017. He graduated with a BA in Economics from Northeastern University but quickly found himself in marketing. Starting as an intern at Wayfair, Kevin dove into online marketing, creating 10 years of experience that he now brings to SU. His favorite travel destination is Mykonos, Greece but is excited to add some more places to list. While not working, Kevin has given himself the daunting but delicious task of eating his way through Boston.

: Key Account Manager, Airline Product


Key Account Manager, Airline Product

Kristina joined StudentUniverse as a Key Account Manager in 2016 after working as an Account Manager at Virgin Atlantic Airways for 5 years. Originally from Milford, CT, Kristina attended Saint Anselm College in New Hampshire and spent a semester abroad in Barcelona.

: Jr. Software Engineer


Jr. Software Engineer

Since he was in high school, Kyle always enjoyed development and the ability to see creations come to life. Naturally, Kyle went on to major in Computer Information Systems (with a business management minor) at Westfield State University. Kyle recently moved from Western Massachusetts to the Boston area to join StudentUniverse's development team, where he is focused on testing. Kyle's favorite vacation spots are Florida and Las Vegas, and he hopes to make it to Australia someday. In his free time, Kyle enjoys watching football and playing soccer. Prior to joining StudentUniverse, Kyle worked at United Technologies Corporation in CT.

: QA Manager, Website Operations


QA Manager, Website Operations

Laura grew up in Ithaca, NY and also attended Ithaca College where she met her husband and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Art History. After spending 21 years in Ithaca, she decided to move to Boston. Shortly after, Laura joined StudentUniverse in 2004 and started off in Customer Care. She then moved over to Website Operations in 2009, where she currently does QA. She’s one of the people who makes sure the products on the site show up correctly and helps make sure the site itself is running smoothly. Laura has lived abroad twice, both times in Germany. She lived in Munich when she was 10 and Dresden when she was 18. During this time she got to travel extensively throughout Europe and also got the chance to see her favorite rock bands, Pearl Jam and U2, for the first time. When not working, Laura enjoys playing violin, reading, playing with her 3 kids and traveling.

: Paid Search Strategist


Paid Search Strategist

Lauren joined StudentUniverse in 2016 as a Paid Search Strategist. Prior to joining StudentUnvierse, she was at a digital marketing agency in Burlington, MA, working with e-commerce clients on their Paid Search efforts. Lauren graduated from Bentley University. As an eager traveler, Lauren is excited to work with people who love travel as much as she does. Her favorite trips so far have been to Athens, Greece and driving down the Pacific Coast Highway. When she isn’t working, you can find her hiking, playing a game of Ultimate Frisbee, brewing her own beer, and planning her next trip.

pic coming soon


Chinese Market Development Associate

Li joined the marketing team at StudentUniverse as a Chinese Market Development Manager in 2016. Li came to the US to pursue a masters degree and graduated from UMass Boston with a degree in Applied Linguistics in 2015. Li grew up in China and speaks Mandarin, Cantonese and Teochew. He enjoys traveling - Li did a 40 day trip through Europe where he visited 15 cities across 8 countries. He loves outdoor sports like diving, rock climbing and skating and volunteers for TED.com translating TED talks from English to Chinese.

: Junior Business Intelligence Analyst


Junior Business Intelligence Analyst

Liang joined StudentUniverse in 2016 as a Junior Analyst, bringing the heat to the Business Intelligence team by way of Sichuan province. While she has both a MBA and Master's degree in Industrial Engineering, Liang has leveraged her skills into the data science scene, working previously as a Data Fellow at QuantUniversity. If she's not breaking a mental sweat, this self-described planking champion is at the gym, rock climbing, hiking, really anywhere to push her limits. Next on her list of trips are Brazil, Mexico, Arizona and Alaska.

: Marketing Project Manager


Marketing Project Manager

Lindsie joined StudentUniverse as a marketing project manager in 2016. Prior to joining StudentUniverse, Lindsie was a Project Manager/Digital Analyst at a small creative agency in Seattle called 4th Avenue Media. Lindsie attended Gonzaga University in Spokane, WA (Go Zags!) and outside of work she enjoys running, cycling, yoga, cooking, travel, AND she is a huge Pats fan (to the distaste of all my friends and family).

: Director, Mobile Development


Director, Mobile Development

Lucas is an experienced entrepreneur and software developer with a focus on mobile. He's in charge of all the amazing technology in our mobile apps. Lucas has lead teams of mobile developers including Android, iOS and web and distributed across the world. He loves beautiful, simple mobile apps that make people's lives easier. Lucas studied Computer Science at Universidad Argentina de la Empresa in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

: Accounting Manager


Accounting Manager

Maria grew up in Boston and attended the Boston Latin High school but moved to Cuenca, Ecuador for 3 years where she finished high school. She has been in the travel industry since 1997. She started at StudentUniverse as a travel consultant, moved on to do Accounts Receivable and now handles all Accounting duties. When not at work, she enjoys her time with 3 daughters and a new puppy - causing sleepless nights. She would one day like to move back to Ecuador to live. Maria loves to travel, as well. Her favorite place other than Ecuador is Paris, France.

: Front-End Engineer


Front-End Engineer

Matt's the guy you can blame if something looks odd on our new website. He graduated from the University of Maine with a degree in Studio Art. Luckily, Al Gore invented the internet so Matt could get a web design job upon graduation (or else he'd be painting). Matt's done illustration work for publishers such as Pearson and comic book companies Marvel, DC and Disney. He can also write in third-person.

: Vice President, Website Operations


Vice President, Website Operations

Matt heads up Website Operations handling overall project planning, build execution and management, process control and pricing strategies. After college and some time abroad in Aix en Provence, France, Matt moved to Boston and started working in the airline industry, specifically in student travel. Prior to joining StudentUniverse in 2002, Matt worked for Council Travel at 3 different local university shops focusing on retail sales, e-commerce and international support. Matt received a Bachelor of Arts degree in French and certification in Spanish and International Relations at Saint Anselm College. His love for language forces him to learn more - taking on studies of Portuguese and Mandarin Chinese.

: Travel Specialist


Travel Specialist

Michael joined StudentUniverse as a Travel Specialist in 2016. He made the move to Boston after teaching English in Thailand in 2014-15 and has since been bit with the travel bug. When he’s not planning his next trip abroad, Michael is also a cycling enthusiast waiting for Boston to defrost each year to make it back out outside on the road to the chagrin of the city's notoriously angry drivers. He is also a self-confessed and unashamed Netflix addict, bingeing the latest shows in his free time. In and outside of work, Michael strives to introduce others to the experiences and self-growth that traveling abroad offers, inspired by the opportunities it gave him!

: SEO Specialist


SEO Specialist

Mugdha joined StudentUniverse in 2016 as an SEO Specialist. Passionate about solving complex problems, Mugdha likes learning new technologies and working on new initiatives. She has 5 years of strong International experience in IT Consulting, working with Fortune 500 clients and startups. Mugdha has an MBA, concentrating in Marketing and Business Analytics from Babson College in Massachusetts and a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering in Information Technology from India. In her free time, she likes to travel, try new cuisines, and meet new people.

: Mobile Developer


Mobile Developer

Nico grew up in Zapala, Argentina and moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina to start a career in software when he was 18. He graduated as a Software Engineer and since then he has been working as a developer with a focus on mobile, but always with interest in learning new technologies and programming languages as well. In 2014 he moved to New York to join our mobile team to help develop our mobile apps. In his free time he is a huge soccer fan and he likes to watch movies and TV shows.

: Junior Software Engineer


Junior Software Engineer

Paras joined StudentUniverse as a Junior Software Engineer in 2015. Paras was born and raised in India where he attended Mumbai University for Computer Engineering. He came to the US in 2012 to pursue his Masters in Computer Science at Northeastern University. Paras is a huge soccer fan (English Premiere League and Chelsea FC). His favorite travel experiences include trekking on the snowy Himalayas and travelling on the highest roads in the world in India.

: Software Engineer


Software Engineer

Peter joined StudentUniverse as a Software Engineer in 2016. Prior to joining StudentUniverse, he worked in the software industry for 30 years, originally supporting diagnostic software written in assembly language. He has two Great Pyrenees dogs who keep him very busy. He's played drums in heavy metal bands for over 25 years and also enjoys the beach and being out in the woods camping and ATVing. Peter has been married for 22 years and has one son who attends Franklin Pierce University.

: Senior Software Engineer


Senior Software Engineer

Having made his first website at the age of 11, Peter has always been fascinated with technology. Born, raised, and currently residing in Rhode Island, he makes the 45 minute commute to work every day, helping make our website what it is today (and more importantly tomorrow). He is currently studying Computer Science and Information Processing at the Community College of Rhode Island. Outside of the StudentUniverse world, Peter enjoys sports, his favorite sport being American Football, doing freelance programming, and playing cards. If not a computer programmer, he would have liked to become a professional poker player. His dream vacation spots are Las Vegas, Hawaii, and Japan, but would love to travel the world. He is hoping that working at StudentUniverse may one day help him accomplish that.

: Mobile Marketing Strategist


Mobile Marketing Strategist

Raheem joined StudentUniverse in 2016 to work on mobile marketing. Prior to working at StudentUniverse, Raheem co-founded and lead marketing efforts at a Boston startup, Viral, that provided mobile solutions for content creators hoping to spread their work beyond their existing networks. During this time he was invited to present for the company at conferences in New Orleans and Cambridge at the Google offices. Raheem has a Bachelors in Marketing and Masters in Marketing Analytics from Bentley University. He has traveled to 14 countries across three continents. In his spare time, Raheem takes naps.

: Director of Marketing


Director of Marketing

Rebecca joined StudentUniverse as Director of Marketing in July 2015. She has a diverse background marketing student travel companies including TUI NA Education businesses, Explorica and ACIS and loves creating opportunities for students to experience the world. As a Florida native Rebecca loves wearing brightly colored clothing year-round and believes haden mangoes and honeybell oranges are liquid gold. 15 years in Massachusetts has, however, given her a newfound appreciation for wicked awesome 60 degree days, Fenway Pahk, homemade ice cream, and aggressive driving paired with inexplicable roadway engineering. When not at work she can be found exploring the city with friends or experiencing the outdoors with her dog MacGyver.

employee_renaud_cyr: Vice President, Airline Product


Vice President, Airline Product

Renaud is in charge of making sure students can fly for less. He grew up in Maine where he attended the University of Maine before heading to Kissimmee,FL, where he graduated from the now non-existent Southeastern Academy. Attracted to the lights of the big city, he moved to The Big Apple where he had accepted a job with Trans World Airlines (TWA) looking for that opportunity to “see the world for free”. After 12 years in The Big Apple, he headed to the quieter, slower paced Midwest where he worked 11 years for Northwest Airlines (NWA). Having now worked for a total of 30+ years in the travel industry, making him one of the two “grand dads of travel” at StudentUniverse.

: Graphic Designer


Graphic Designer

Richard is a designer with a strong background in mobile UX/UI. He's in charge of designing the amazing StudentUniverse mobile apps and the general look and feel of many initiatives in the company. He loves fun and useful design. He's also known for being the top ping-pong player in the company since his introduction in 2013. Richard studied Design at Universidad Los Libertadores in Bogotá, Colombia.

: Lead Software Architect


Lead Software Architect

Rick has been coding for more than thirty years. When he’s not watching Star Trek, he is involved in everything architectural from the infrastructure to the application front and back end of the website. Before joining StudentUniverse, he worked at Netzero with linguistic content analysis (for ad targeting) and searching, content management authoring software at EBT and search engine technology way back at Silverplatter. Before that, it would look like stones and knives.

: Junior Systems Engineer


Junior Systems Engineer

Ruskin is the go-to-guy when StudentUniverse employees have technical issues. He is responsible for providing the support that keeps all of our systems up and running smoothly. He is of Dominican decent which was born in Jersey but raised in Roxbury, MA. He is a die hard Boston Red Sox fan who likes fast cars and traveling. In 2007, 2 years after graduating high school, Ruskin received his associates degree in applied science - computer networking systems. He worked with Siemens IT solutions as a contractor performing technical support at the Monster.com headquarters until summer of 2010 when he was offered a position at StudentUniverse by our Systems engineer.

: Optimization and Testing Analyst


Optimization and Testing Analyst

Ryan joined StudentUniverse in February 2017 as an Optimization and Testing Analyst. Prior to joining the team, he spent over 8 years in various marketing and analytics roles on the agency side. Ryan attended Providence College for his undergraduate studies and earned a MBA from Babson College with a focus on marketing and analytics. During his free time, he enjoys skiing, listening to as well as playing music, boating, biking, hiking, hanging out with family and friends and most things outdoors. Ryan loves to travel and has taken courses abroad in Italy, got married in Killarney and is always looking out for his next trip on the horizon.

: Software Engineer


Software Engineer

Saraf was born in Houston, moved to Boston when she was 8, and has been here ever since. She graduated from Worcester Polytechnic Institute in 2015 with a degree in Computer Science, and joined StudentUniverse as a Software Developer in 2016. Prior to StudentUniverse, she worked as a Junior Software Developer at Bankrate, Inc. When Saraf is not at work, she likes cold weather, going on trips with friends, and trying some daring activities - like skydiving, and aerial ropes courses.

: Business Process Manager


Business Process Manager

Scott is new to the Travel business, but not to travel. He's been to 17 countries on four continents, and has set foot in just about every US state. He finds the most memorable travel adventures usually weren't part of the original plan: guiding a raft down Rios Tenorio in Costa Rica, finding a Boston Celtics themed sports-bar during his first hour in Frankfurt, or racing an Olympic medalist down from Machu Picchu in a heavy rainstorm. (He lost). After serving in the US Army and attending graduate school, Scott worked on eCommerce, Contact Center, and technology systems at some large corporations before arriving here at StudentUniverse, where he manages technology and business integration projects.

: SEO Strategist


SEO Strategist

Shannon Maloney joins Student Universe after 2 years working abroad in New Zealand and Australia. She had a breadth of experience in digital marketing with a focus on content and SEO. When she's not building digital strategies, you can find her sweating it out in a hot yoga class or very stereo-typically "curled up with a good book." If there's one thing she's learned and lives by in her career thus far, it's that there's no reason you can't be the best at what you've chosen to do. You've just got to want it.

: Paid Search Strategist


Paid Search Strategist

Stephanie joined Student Universe in 2016 after working as a Paid Search Specialist at an advertising agency in the Greater Boston area. She graduated from Drew University with a double major in History and German and a minor in Medieval Studies. Her thesis focused on the cultural impact of Jack the Ripper on Victorian Culture, but don’t worry: she's pretty harmless (at least after her morning coffee). Rather than starve as a historian, Stephanie moved into Paid Search and Social. Stephanie is bilingual (English/German) and enjoys traveling and learning about history and culture.

: Marketing Coordinator


Marketing Coordinator

Taylor joined StudentUniverse as a Marketing Coordinator in 2016. She graduated from Quinnipiac University in 2015 with a degree in print journalism, but soon discovered her passion lied in the ever-evolving world of digital marketing. Formerly a small-town girl from New Hampshire, she is now living in the city and loving it. In her spare time, you can find her exploring Boston, perfecting her guacamole recipe or petting the nearing dog. Her top travel destinations include Thailand, Greece and South Africa.

employee_tina_dubreuil: Director, Airline Product


Director, Airline Product

Tina is part of the Airline Product team at StudentUniverse. She is responsible for negotiating fares and fare rules with our airline partners. Tina grew up in New Hampshire and went to college at the University of New Hampshire. She studied one semester of her junior year in London (Regent's College), after which she decided she wanted to keep traveling. After graduating from college she decided to move to the "big" city of Boston. Since then, she has been with StudentUniverse since 2001 and has moved apartments seven times.

: Graphic Designer


Graphic Designer

Tony joined StudentUniverse as a Graphic Designer in 2015. In this role, he creates marketing emails, ads and print collateral, and keeps site content updated. Prior to joining StudentUniverse, Tony did freelance web and print design for small, local businesses. Tony graduated with a BFA in Graphic Design from UMass Lowell in 2013. When he's not at work, most of Tony's free time is spent writing, recording, and producing his own music. He also enjoys playing video games, learning about video production and going to concerts.

: Director, Business Development


Director, Business Development

Before joining the team in 2014, Victor had been, as they say, living the dream. He built his sales career from a lifelong passion of skiing, which made him Senior Sales Manager at Big Sky Resort in Montana. While leading their sales division, he still maintained a freelance writing career, skied on his lunch break, and traveled the world. Today, he continues living the dream in New York City, where he develops business partnerships for StudentUniverse and continues travelling globally. When he is not skiing or writing, Victor enjoys dark beer, mountain biking, and a reliable pair of shoes.

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Travel Specialist

Wendy joined the travel services team at StudentUniverse in 2016 and is based in Washington state. She brings nearly 20 years of travel industry experience to the team. Prior to joining StudentUniverse, she worked at large student travel company managing the Air and Ticketing Department for 12 years. She also worked for Alaska Airlines for several years in Seattle, WA. Wendy loves to travel anywhere with sunshine and beaches. She spends as much of her spare time as possible at the lake cabin on Priest Lake, Idaho.

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Travel Specialist

William joined the travel services team at StudentUniverse in 2016. He brings five years of leisure and corporate travel experience with him to StudentUniverse, the most recent of which was at FCm Travel Solutions, one of the world’s leading corporate travel management providers. Originally from Jacksonville, Florida, Will is a diehard Jacksonville Jaguars fan. In his free time, Will enjoys cooking new recipes and collecting vintage sneakers.