Mobile Bookings Up 126% Year-Over-Year
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Mobile Bookings Up 126% Year-Over-Year

In-app and mobile web bookings have grown 126% year-over-year over triple digit growth the year prior. This growth comes just months after hotel content was introduced into the Flights by StudentUniverse app—the first mobile application with student airfares.

In December alone, 27% of StudentUniverse’s hotel sales were made in the app. Top destinations booked included New York, Las Vegas, Chicago, Orlando, Los Angeles, London, Washington, Paris, Boston and San Francisco. In addition to the growth in bookings, app installs are up 123% YoY, app sessions are up 213% YoY and growth in unique active users is up 1,273%.

In addition to app growth, StudentUniverse saw its fourth consecutive quarter of double-digit sales growth, ending the year up 25% over 2015’s record-breaking year. Breaking down the growth in a few specific markets, flights from Europe to the U.S. were up 57%, flights from the U.S. to Asia were up 30% and the growth in domestic bookings (US origin and departure) were up 36%.

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