Behind the Scenes at StudentUniverse: Taping Our Corporate Videos

Behind the Scenes at StudentUniverse: Taping Our Corporate Videos

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Last week was an exciting week here at StudentUniverse! As we prepare for the opportunities to come in 2015,  we had employees at our Waltham headquarters from all over the world—Lisbon, London, Argentina, New York, San Francisco and Florida.

While everyone was together, we filmed a series of company videos that we will launch early next year. The videos will provide a window into who StudentUniverse is, the company culture, what we are looking for in candidates and what it is like to work in each of our departments.

We wanted to give you a sneak peak of some of our favorite soundbites from our filming:

  • “I like to think of us as sort of the Peter Pan of organizations, we don’t want to grow up. We still have the fun spirit of the start up, of fast thinkers and getting work done fast.” -Cindy Cox, Chief Financial Officer 
  • “The office itself is a very comfortable, casual environment. There is always this very cool buzz that fills this place up. Everybody is working towards a common goal.” -Matt Molloy, Director, Website Operations 
  • “If I was to sum up StudentUniverse in three words, I would say innovation, dynamic and energy.” -Matt Molloy, Director, Website Operations 
  • “We are looking for people who aren’t afraid to ask the questions, and who aren’t afraid to make mistakes.” -Amy Lidstone, Director, Business Intelligence 
  • “I think innovation works if someone is listening and acting upon your ideas. I know people are listening. We are also small enough that we can change quickly.” -Amy Lidstone, Director, Business Intelligence 
  • “A job is what you’re doing, but also who you are doing it with. My favorite thing about StudentUniverse is the people.” -Amy Lidstone, Director, Business Intelligence 
  • “I recently joined StudentUniverse and one of the things that has been most rewarding so far is to work with people from all different parts of the world. We have employees working in our Waltham office from 16 different countries that speak 17 different languages. At any given point in the day, many different languages can be heard being spoken throughout the office. To work in such a global workplace has been really exciting.” -Danielle Millerick, Public Relations Manager

We look forward to releasing these videos in early 2015. We feel like “the sky’s the limit” here at StudentUniverse (no pun intended!) and we are always looking for great people to join us. More here:

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