Reach More Students with StudentUniverse


Each year we help dozens of leading brands reach more students through. Millions of students from all over the world use our sites and apps. They are educated explorers and future business travelers. We develop bespoke solutions that get your brand in front of this valuable audience. Here are some of the ways we can help:

Promotion Codes: An effective tool to accomplish marketing goals. You can provide an incentive for students and youth to travel to a destination. Promotion codes can be restricted and targeted to ensure that they are used as intended.

Sweepstakes: We build and host a custom sweepstakes promotions on StudentUniverse. Sweepstakes generate and inspire interest in our partners.

virginpromoEmail Campaigns: Reach millions of verified students with your message. Our targeting capabilities will ensure relevancy and success.

Website Promotions: Our websites have advertising space that can be utilized to support campaigns. You can target it to certain search queries or geographical markets.

Social Media: Let us help you spread the word where students spend so much time. Our followers are true fans and you can get in front of them.

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