Tourism Partner Opportunities

Student and Youth Travelers

Looking to get more student and youth travelers to your destination? Look no further, we have the audience and tools to reach them.

With quite literally a world of places to travel to, we find that our students eager to learn about new destinations. To give them the best info out there we partner with tourism boards who are eager to promote their destination(s) to our young and impressionable audience.

Here at StudentUniverse, we utilize a wide variety of marketing tools such as flight promo codes, travel guides, targeted banner ads, email marketing, social media, and even sweepstakes to raise our members’ awareness of places to go in this great big world. To add to these tools, we always look for ways to supplement campaigns by pulling in additional partners, such as the 60+ airlines we work with, who want to get involved with co-marketing and make campaigns even more impactful.

By displaying rich images, meaningful content on topics like things to do and places to see, or offering incentives like discounted flights, we have influenced thousands of students to travel to particular destinations and make the most out of their experience while traveling.

Partnerships tend to have similar goals, such as enticing more students to travel to a particular destination, extending their stay while there, and having more experiences during the trip. Specific campaigns include focusing on inbound travel during specific seasons, hotel night bookings, tours, sight seeing, study abroad, internships, and much more.

Interested in learning more about how your tourism board can connect with our student audience? Contact us for more information.

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